New Order Ticket Update

At 1:05 pm Eastern time, we updated the new order ticket screen to make the following changes:

(1) Now works with Firefox.

(2) “Smart” fill-in of park-until time.

(3) Better error warning if you try to “park until” but don’t fill in a time.

(4) If you type in a limit or stop price, that order type is automatically selected for you.

There are some other known issues in the new order entry screen which I am still working on, but these address the major concerns. I’ll keep you updated.

One more suggestion: I do a lot of XCL/RPL and the new screen doesn’t show the orders that I need to replace if they are more than 3 days old. I have no choice but to go back to the old screen to do that.


Yes, it only shows something like "Showing trades within last 24 hours (Less More)"

Should be added " ALL".