MATTHEW - Problem with Trade Entry Function


For trade entry, I think there is a problem with the O (open) function over weekends. When using it to place trades say, on a Friday night, it seems to be confused by being held over a several day period.

A trade placed anytime after the previous (say Friday) open, should be rock steady even after a 3-day weekend, and be ready for Mon/Tues morning.

Sometime Saturday, when I viewed them, the held trades displayed actual prices, rather than O+/- an offset. And today, they were chaotic.

This may also be a problem when spanning holidays, not just weekends.

Ross: If possible, please email me the specifics of the incident(s) so I can delve into it and solve it. The more specific and illustrative you can be, the better. Thank you… Matthew

It is hard to "document"

But I think you will find that your "O"pen function does not work properly when 1+ calendar days intervene. Test it yourself, and you will see.

BTW, I am talking about pit futures.