MK - Bottoms Up system - something fishy here?


Also, keep an eye on Bottoms Up. It is appearing a huge number of times, rapidly, on Sat 4:40pm EST of a holiday weekend. Way more than the other systems that are being viewed. Although that might not appear in the page views on the System Page, it does seem to keep it in the "Most Viewed This Hour"

This might be another attempt at cheating the system…

(BY THE WAY, by appearing, I mean the new boxes above Chatter)

6:00pm EST, and Bottoms Up is STILL rolling along as the most popular. it is often 3 or 4 of the 6 boxes…

And at 6:06, this is what the 6 boxes said:

Bottoms up

Bottoms up

Bottoms up

Bottoms up

Bottoms up

Bottoms up

I think someone is running software or something, here

I’ll take a look and see what’s going on.

hmm - i take back the part about "most viewed this hour" - I am not really sure how your new code works, but I have no seen Bottoms Up in the Msot viewed, other than once earlier. SOmeone must have clicked on the rolling events in your new functionality. It only seems like your new functionality is being circumvented. Dont know how they can do that, but you might have a hole in the logic or something…

This was 6:50pm

Bottoms up

Bottoms up

Bottoms up

SmarteTrade … Eclipse FX

Bottoms up


Yeah, there was something fishy going on. I prevented that system from ever appearing in the "ticker," pending a conversation with the developer to see what he is doing.

there is a never-ending quest to buck the system. I don’t like to see people take advantage of you OR this community.

may need to do something like you did with system views, when MG was pumping his Views to fake interest from others. Perhaps prevent a system from appearing more than once an hour or so. Or perhaps prevent multiple views from the same IP during a certain time interval…

Maybe threaten him with completely removing his system from C2, unless he tells you what hole he found, so you can patch it effectively…

Wow! Those are some crazy accusations. The only thing I did to help promote my site is last night I decided to open a forum and post my first comment to celebrate being listed on the the Best System list for Long Term, and being listed on the Grandma’s list.

I have not nor will not nor do I have the capability to "cheat the system"

If you ever have a problem with me or my system, you can always send a private message to me in which I will quickly respond.

Have a Happy New Year,

-David Odle

Oh- I also forgot- thanks for the free publicity. : )

when your system accounts for over 50% of the systems (um, like out of a thousand?) appearing over a several hour period on the Ticker, your defense rings hollow.

We had someone else doing a similar things before, including the "I did nothing wrong" defenses, and eventually he confessed to a number of things.

I will let MK deal with it.

It doesn’t take a good system to get alot of hits, all you gotta do is chim in on each and every forum (Ross), and you’ll get more hits/clicks, than a Pam sex-tape.

Good job. Keep it up. I commend your endeavor. You have a very active mind, always striving to understand and finding ever better ways ot turning out the truth more efficiently or discovering superior ones. What C2 requires is a trader in focus, ready to throw aside routine, ask questions, challenge tradition, and, if necessary, suffer opposition, when the drones around him see that their lethargy is being disturbed.

Thank you Jon,

At least someone can see what Ross’s true intent here on this forum is.

until you explain why your system was over half the ticker displays over the course of hours, your protestations are rather hollow. I hardly feel like i have ulterior motives, when I am warning the site owner to watch for a very questionable situation, similar to what someone did in the past.

You are amazingly silent on the issue of this thread. Do you just think that your system is that wildly popular? Would you please supply a credible scenario, rather than changing the subject?

and I will let you have the last work. Defending why I am pointing out an apparent hijack of system functionality is pointless, regardless of the lame excuses which I am sure will follow. Go ahead, here is room to put your 10 top excuses for why I am incorrect. But I am done with this…











Forget it Ross. MK said "Yeah, there was something fishy going on. I prevented that system from ever appearing in the "ticker," pending a conversation with the developer to see what he is doing."

It seems that those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know; it is ironic that it is the same with trading also.

It would be a mistake in my opinion to have any more conversation on this pending an investigation by MK; good that you are done with it though.

Be careful, If your clean, your fine. I hear MK is looking at you. I’ve been at C2 for a spell, Ross is cool, Sam Cook is cool,…

Ross, If you sniff out another MG, I want to buy you a beer, and send you a X-mass card. Your bio says your a writer?.. I’ll buy your book…Jon

beer? nah…

Latte? sure…