My account not updated

The last 2 sell trades (200 FAS and 150 TNA)are displayed in "Recently Closed Trades", but the related gain of $176 and $505 did not add into my "Model Account Status".

So my account is missing $681. It was 30 minutes since these two trades posted. But they were not posted into my account so far.

Wang -

All your P/L is “in” your account. Some stats and some charts are delayed, however. It can sometimes take a few hours for these stats to get updated on your system page. Rest assured, this is purely a display issue. You can make trades or whatever. If it bothers you, you can accelerate a refresh of the aggregate stats by clicking the refresh icon near the “Model Account Value” area of your system page.

I’ll work on getting the aggregate PL stats to update faster, at a minimum.

I see.

I clicked that icon and it works.