My copy trading from IB

I ask to copy my trading account in IB

Please let me know if I can limit the tracing of my data just for my new trades from 20.4.15

I have now new system and I don’t want any past record

Second question
There is big difference in total gains between my real data and the gains in c2. It’s now because different in price of buying-selling but because of commission

Why it so big difference and how I gat get date with real commissions

If it is because the different commission in my trades and my followers please let me know their commission

How can I also present real gains with my real commissions ?


Hi, Tsvika:

  1. You selected the option to import your real-life trade history from you Interactive Brokers account into C2. That is why the account history is now showing on your system. If you have changed your mind, just kill the old system and start a new one. This time, do not choose to import trade history.

  2. We are required by USA regulators to display certain “typical commission costs” applied to each trade. These are probably higher than the commissions you actually pay at Interactive Brokers, but there is not much we can do about this. We do not purport to show your exact personal commission rate; we show a “typical” commission that a trader might have to pay.


Thanks for reply
Now I think all my good trades are killed and that’s no so good
I wonder if I can say that from date
Iike 22.4.15 I will copy the trade because that when I try my new system

And second question - how come they I see buying power in my real account on c2 100,000 while I have there only 3300$?

And please let me know what cost of commission that the follower will pay to buy same options like me.