My performance so far

Hello traders let me know what you think about my performances so far.

Could you please post the link? thank you.

See Joanel’s system called Orionsbelt

How to find a trader’s system when they ask for comment but don’t post a link:

Put their name in the search on your dashboard:

Just search for orionsbelt

Thanks Charles.

Here is my feedback:
0. System is too new for real feedback, real feedback after 100+ trades but few notable points.

  1. Missing Strategy information - This could help user to know what is your trading plan, automated, manual based on certain condition etc. How often, what will be expected duration of your trade, max contracts you are planning to trade etc.
  2. So far Draw-down is very reasonable, personally I like system with minimum draw-down, even if system has 60% win rate is better than 99% win rate with huge draw-downs.
  3. Win small win often is good strategy for small accounts, I think people with small account will like this kind of system.

Good luck

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