Newest performance

Hey guys check out my performances so far and please let me know what you think.

So far so good :slight_smile:

Win small win often

Low DD

What I like short time in market. Average trade duration is about 4 Hours. That’s nice, keep it up and you will get a lot of subscribers.

On the other hand, Gold has been up trend, so it’s easier to make money when anything in super-trend, let’s see your progress as its get difficult.

you are on my watch list. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you brother it’s always great to get some insights from you.

which strategy???

A fine question. Why do people ask others to take some time to review their strategy and they won’t even take the time to put a link to it in their post?

For the record the original poster is referring to Orionsbelt

I agree - it is annoying.

hey munawar, wat’s your role in the operations of this web?

Absolutely None! Just a critic

Great Job Joanel. This strategy has a long future.
Here is the link for his strategy:

Thanks Bauvil2003 and you’re doing a great job as well