New C2 Dashboard available for preview

The short answer is: You can see the Dashboard page of people in your Trading Circle. But you won’t see real-time information unless you, too, are subscribed to the strategy in question.

Her’s an example. Imagine you and Mr. X are in a Trading Circle. He subscribes to Super Duper System.

Mr. X obviously sees the real-time positions for Super Duper System. But when you look at Mr. X’s Dashboard (a privilege you have, as a member of his Trading Circle), you observe the fact that he is subscribed to Super Duper, but your P/L reports and position displays are delayed according to the restrictions placed by the strategy developer of Super Duper.

You may recall that strategies do not show open positions to non-subscribers, but they report P/L of closed trades. Strategy Developers also have an option to delay the reporting of closed trades by a few days, so if they choose that option, it will be respected when you view someone else’s Trading Dashboard.