New Closed Trades popup screen

I just noticed this was introduced. However it doesn’t work so well. Because if you click to see brokerage data, the little popup window that displays it is behind the closed trades window. It took me a few seconds to realize that, so I had to close the “closed trades” popup to see it.

It should be an easy fix, just change the z-order in code.


When I say "brokerage data", I mean the little orange fire icon which displays who auto-traded it, at what size, and what fills they got.

Ivan -

I’m not sure I understand your message. You write that the AutoTrade Data window pops up behind "the ‘closed trades’ popup’.

But wat is the “closed trades popup?” Where do you see this? Can you take a screen shot and send to me, please? Email it to matthew at collective2. Thanks.

o.k. I emailed you.