New Dashboard Page

Hi Matthew,

I don’t see the “C2 System Sentiment” info on the new dashboard page. Where is it located?


Kingda Admin[LINKSYSTEM_55489441]

All gone. I didn’t think it was vital, and it just cluttered the page and looked ugly. Does anyone else but Kingda miss it? (If so, I can add it to a separate page, but I am not sure I think it belongs on the dashboard. I suppose I can be convinced, depending on member response.)

I found it interesting having that information available. Could you please add it to a separate page? I would appreciate it.



Is it possible for you to add the "C2 System Sentiment" to a sub page? I would really appreciate it. I find the info useful.

Thanks again and let me know your thoughts.


Yes, I’m going to try to make it available again. Might take a few days.

I really appreciate it. Thanks again.


I would appreciate that too.

It was interesting although not so sure how about real value… more like a nice feature.

Kind Regards

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