New Highs leaderboard stuck?

Is the New Highs leaderboard stuck for everyone or is it just cached for me? It’s nice to see an older strategy making a new all time high (The Volatility Chameleon), but that high was made last Friday, and it’s been below that high ever since this week started. Meanwhile one of my strategies made a new all time high, but that blew past unnoticed. So, yeah, it’s a bit of sour grapes, but still I just expect these things to work. I mean, it’s not a manually updated listing or anything, right?

I get The Volatility Chameleon, Antipodal then extreme-os as the Top 3.

Thanks, yep, that means it’s stuck/broken for you too. Thanks for checking.

i think that page is pointless and broken. i mean they are showing strategy that crashed but are at 8 day high. but it was down 20% YTD. Some are hitting x days high (look like its a time frame set by c2), but it was down 30% before that. Most of them are not doing well, and they didn’t make ATH as a strategy since inception, but hit a high with a certain time frame. I doubt anybody will even care to look at that page or spend the time to find a strategy to subscribe out of that terrible list.


So… the New Highs List is just one more way to have strategies pop up on your radar. If it doesn’t float your boat, no sweat. Just ignore it.

Regarding whether it’s “stuck:” it isn’t. The page doesn’t guarantee to display all strategies that make new highs. Instead, every now and then, when the software feels up to it, it picks strategies “making new highs,” keeps them around for a while, then displays them for a couple days. Then a few days later, it does this again. Think of the software like your neighbor’s pot-smoking teenage kid: he shows flashes of initiative every so often, but mostly just chillaxes on the front porch.

In summary, if you have low expectations, I believe they can be met.

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Where is the new high leaderboard??

regards B48ES

Find Strategy > New Highs

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Hi Matthew
Sadly, I don’t have low expectations. A list of strategies called “New Highs” seems like it should be a list of strategies who reached new highs based on the most recent data available, so that’s what I expected to find there. Since it is a tool for finding interesting strategies, I would expect that’s what an Investor would expect too, perhaps checking each day. Seeing the same strategies for several days without change lowers its potential value for such use, it seems to me. But I’ll hereby consider my expectations lowered for this feature.

Perhaps as an alternative, you could add a column to the Grid showing “Days since New High”. Then we could all choose this option ourselves, along with our other criteria.


thanks, looks good.

Regards B48ES