New Pricing Choices for Trade Leaders

Hello, C2 People:

Today we begin to offer new pricing choices for Trade Leaders.

Rather than our old, one-size-fits-all approach, in which you were required to pay a substantial up-front, non-refundable $120-dollar “Listing Fee” for each strategy you manage, starting today Trade Leaders will be able to select from a range of “Trade Leader Plans,” each at a different price point, with simple monthly billing for each choice.

You can see the new prices here:

Some nice things

There are some nice things about the new Trade Leader plans. First, for those strategies being managed under the new plans, you’ll be able to reset your strategies as often as you like. Old track records are still available for study by potential subscribers, but a big benefit for trade leaders is that you don’t need to pay another $120 every time you try out a new strategy that doesn’t work out. Just archive/reset your old one.

In addition, under the new pricing, if you have no subscribers, you can turn your strategy’s public visibility “on” or “off” whenever you like:

The features described above – and the new Trade Leader Plans themselves – are available right now to all new C2 Members (or those members who haven’t yet taken the plunge and paid an old-fashioned Listing Fee for a strategy).

What about my Listing Fees?

If you’re an “old member,” (perhaps “long-time member” would be a less distressing choice of words) you’ll be able to continue using “legacy Listing Fees” for a while.

Of course all Listing Fees you’ve previously purchased will be honored. In addition, to help ease the transition to the new monthly model, you can continue to purchase legacy Listing Fees for any already-existing strategy. Listing Fees can be purchased until January 15, 2017 for any strategy created before today, December 8, 2016. And of course those listing fees will be honored until their expiration – so, in theory – strategy developers who are unsure about the new monthly Plans can stock up on listing fees and lock in the old pricing model for a while.

"I’m an ‘old member.’ Can I use the new Trade Leader Plans immediately if I want to?"

You are not required to stick exclusively with the old Listing Fee method. Anyone – even “old members” – can select one of the new monthly plans. Having a plan lets you manage one or more strategies. In addition, old members can can continue to use Listing Fees for their old strategies, while using the new pricing for their new strategies.


Please let me and the others on the C2 Team know if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions. Over the next few months, we plan to roll out many enhancements to C2, including a much-improved user experience.

As always, I need your help: your feedback and suggestions are immensely helpful to our small team. Please keep them coming. But be gentle. Be gentle.

– Matthew

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1.For Premium plan, what percentage subscriber fees developers keep?
2.For professional plan, under what circumstances developers keep 80% and 100% subscriber fees?

Matthew, when you say “Trade Leaders” do you mean every System Developer on C2, or do you mean only those System Developers who Trade Own System (TOS)?

Ah, that’s another thing. We’re trying to improve our terminology, which has been inexact and confusing.

Nowadays, when we say “Trade Leaders” we mean all people who manage strategies on C2. The actual method they use to manage a strategy is immaterial.

Yes, mine has a white overtone as well. But if you log out and go to the home page and scroll down you will see it.

Oh yikes. Let me get rid of the damn white overtone. That was knuckleheaded. Hang on…

My initial questions:
I have built 1 strategy that trades futures/forex that I started with $20k base. Will this still be grandfathered in under the basic plan? (it says max $10k)

My initial comments:
Good: Monthly pricing. So if someone starts a strategy and it fails horribly after 1 month they are not out $120. I can see people liking that.
Bad: For people like me, with 1 simple strategy, I can’t get it featured at all (I was considering this), and I suddenly went from possibly earning 70% of subscriber fees to 50%. That alone pisses me off and is giving me pause since I now have to pay effectively twice as much to get the same thing I had under the old pricing model. So I am not at all pleased. That’s my feedback.

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If this applies to every System Developer, as one who has been on C2 for 9 years and has both stock and futures systems, you are effectively doubling my listing fees to get the same level of service, aren’t you?

I have to use the Basic $39 plan because 3 of my systems trade either stocks or options. So instead of paying C2 $960 annually for my 4 systems, I would now have to pay $1,872 annually for the 70% of subscriber fees and same level of service as I have now.

It seems to me that you should grandfather in the existing C2 trading systems or you will lose a significant amount of trading systems by doubling our listing fees while keeping the same 70% subscriber fee split.


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We’re trying to give people the ability to continue using the old pricing model for a while.

All strategy developers who already have a strategy and are happy with the traditional “listing fees” can effectively be grandfathered by extending their Listing Fees on any existing strategy they want.

There’s no time limit on how long you can lock in the old pricing. (But the act of extending the Listing Fees on old systems needs to be done before January 15 2017).

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If you would like to trade own system (TOS), are the $99 monthly autotrade fees included in this new pricing plan, or is that an additional cost as well?


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My strategy’s expiration date is 4/24/2017, so if I want to continue old pricing model, should I purchase now? to 10/24/2017? And you said there is no time limit, so I can purchase old pricing model again on 10/24/2017 for another 6 months?

However, you only can use a few compatible brokers for stock trading systems, correct?

I believe TD Ameritrade is still not a compatible broker, which is where I have all of my trading accounts.


TD Ameritrade has continued to vomit all over our attempts to partner with them.

Oh, wait, did I say that out loud?

Whoops. I mean: “We are continuing to pursue our efforts to facilitate a strategic relationship with TD Ameritrade.”

There. That’s the proper corporate lingo. I’m getting better at it.

There are a few points to be clarified:
1.There will be no 5 free trades for new strategies?
2.What is amount of reset fee?
3.For Premium plan, what percentage subscriber fees developers keep?
4.For professional plan, under what circumstances developers keep 80% and 100% subscriber fees?

However, once you pay a zillion dollars to lock in the current pricing plan, is that still non-refundable?

If it’s still non-refundable, if you want to stop trading a particular trading strategy then it’s really no benefit to prepay is it?


(previously posted, sorry for the re-post)
@ETFTIMER: There are two ways to receive the “Trades Own System” badge. One way is to autotrade your own strategy, just like a subscriber does. In this case, yes, you’ll be asked to pay the same AutoTrade software fee as any other subscriber to your strategy does.

Alternately, you can use BrokerTransmit (the new terminology for using your broker account to “drive” your strategy). In this case, there’s no AutoTrade software fee.

(previously posted; sorry for the re-post)

@wmwmw: You can purchase a zillion Listing Fees right now. Each listing fee you purchase adds another six months to your current pricing model. (In other words, it’s okay to purchase them before the current listing period expires. It will tack on another 6 months to whatever time you already purchased).

This is what I mean when I suggest current trade leaders on C2 can lock in the old way of doing things for as long as they want.

(But again, the act of buying the listing fees needs to happen before January 15, 2017.)

Sorry I’m not going to pay 400% more just to be able to continue using C2 as I have been (via the API). It’s not enough you take 30% of our subscriber revenue (I presume because the link isn’t clear on the $99 plan)? You should be more careful to avoid upsetting the balance between making money from your trade leaders and chasing them off. You won’t have a service if you piss off your trade leaders, and right now you’re doing a bang up job of that.

Drunk Uncle will be closing down when my current (already too expensive) system listing period expires. No new systems of mine will be listed on C2.

  1. There is no real need for the “five free signals” because now you can reset your strategies whenever you want.

  2. The reset fee is $30. The idea is to make sure there is some skin in the game.

  3. Premium Plan developers keep 70% of subscription fees; same as today’s model.

  4. The “Professional Plan” has been designed for trading educators, brokers, or strategy resellers who want to sell multiple strategies, typically under their own branding. It comes with a light-weight Content Management System (CMS) which lets users customize and create content and branding. I’ll let @t-devGROUP (who is heading up that project) contact you directly to discuss, or to post here more generally here with economics.

David, I agree with you.

I will be terminating at least 2 of my trading systems of the 4 I currently have on C2 as well.

In addition, what this new monthly pricing model with resets is encouraging is Trade Leasers who will go for very risky outsized gains quickly to get a bunch of new subscribers. Then, when their strategy blows up due to excessive drawdowns, they can just reset it and start again.

I thought the original purpose of C2 was to encourage strategies that were long-term in nature with good returns and reasonable drawdowns. This new pricing model with unlimited resets does exactly the opposite.

It will end up hurting subscribers and make it extremely difficult for serious, long-term trade developers to make any money at all on C2


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