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Hello Mathew,

I had started a system recently and had to delete it after a few days of use. When i chose to restart another system, I was requested to pay a fee. Why is another fee being requested if I had already been charged for a system that I chose to stop at my own discretion.


Once you commit to a system, you can’t delete it and start over. That sort of defeats the purpose of public, on-line tracking. Otherwise, people would keep erasing and starting systems until they randomly got some good results.

We do allow you to designate a system as a “test system,” but you need to do this before entering trades. Systems designated as test systems can be erased and restarted as often as you like. However, their results cannot be made public. (They can be erased and turned into a public system, however.)

Since you were not aware of this, write an email to our help desk ( and Alen will help you move your remaining credit into a new system.