New scam :: Okane group

Got this message from this developer Okane_Group

51.5% ROI in just 6trading days -

Just wanted to alert others. The pricing looks very similar to another developer ( different name offcourse ) who contacted me around 2 weeks back and offcourse that system is gone. I really think these guys are just creating new profile names and coming back again and again.

Very interesting! Looks like they have 6 systems so that they are running one account against another account. Either that or they are just hoping and praying one of the accounts will be profitable and then seek out subscribers.

We really need to watch out for scammers in C2. But its always best to wait until a strategy has a track record of 6 months before thinking of subscribing.

System trades 25c of oil in a 50k account, yikes!!

Casino style! Roll the dice!! lol…

Too late - he already got some sucker to pay $750. LOL

Over/under on timeframe until system collapses? 1 week, 2? 3?

if he is intelligent, he will do nothing - subscribers will keep on joining for a while. He will stop trading and just wait with the bait, but i guess he can not stop himself from trading. i really feel for the subscribers but most simulators are fake, i think. (like futures proxy)

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At least, from this post, we have already warned to that subscribers. After paying the monthly fee, First trade is still profitable. Get out while you can. It’s time to see popcorn.

The sizing looks like the strategy uses a martingale principle since it seems to be initially based on 5 contracts and then goes up to 25 contracts on one of the trades.

Developers has been made private already! lol… This one is still open, has subscribers and profitable for the past couple days

Now for the low price of $500 a month you too can martingale several times a day!
What do you guys think - will it last a week? two weeks? My guess is about 10 days. Who are these morons who subscribe?

Your guess as good as mine. You can see who is paying for that strategy. Not everyone has the same knowledge level like you, he will learn in the hard way why he must not use martingale. The best teacher is experience, sometimes, someone must lost a lot of money and realize that, Martingale is not your best friend.

Looks like these guys are gone! Good riddance to these scammers!

Nice job! You beat your estimate by 2 days! The markets did help things along, however … you have to admit :slight_smile:

So far, I found 2 strategies from different developer that charge $500 or more and they provide excellent return ( of course with crazy leverage n non TOS) , however only in 2 months, the account become private. In newbie minds, they charge expensive price, the developer must provide outstanding service. This is not buying car. Can’t help for ignorance new investors even though we have already given a warning from this forum, they learned a hard way. No emphaty to those people.

I was off by 2 days. Have to get better at this :smile:

Wish this ‘private’ thing didn’t exist. I would love to see just how these charlatans blow up.

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Take your pick.

  1. No risk management
  2. Martingale
  3. Swinging for the fence (over leverage)
  4. All of the above

Will @DogZebra_Investing choose door #4?

Take a look

#4. If I am gonna swing for the fences, I want max leverage and keep adding to any losing trades. Oh, also, no stops, those are for wimps.

To the moon fellas! :rofl:

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