New site design comments

The new site design is much more difficult to read. The font size is too small. And when you use the browser zoom in, it throws the elements out of position.

Also it’s showing some system Call positions as Puts and Put positions as Calls. Is there some way to use the old design instead?


I am totally agree with him. The older version is friendly user, especially when I manage my account through iPhone. The new version is very hard to see the open trade from each model, it is very terrifying to see the new outlook from mobile device.

I would suggest, before C2 release a new version, make sure all user can get benefit n access from any device ( desktop n mobile device).

Hopefully, C2 can improve the new version outlook for mobile device.

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I concur, extremely difficult to use on iPhone. Most graphics are jumbled, margins wrong, etc. Wish we had a heads up for the big changes to the site.

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In short it is horrible


C2 many people trade and manage from phone. Please fix this asap. Thank you


The new site works no better on a desktop or laptop. The vertical sidebar does not allow scrolling so only one menu window at a time can be opened otherwise items drop off the screen and cannot be seen. The names in sub menus, such as those in my watch list or strategies list are very, very faint and unreadable and only show up when I hover over them. The small dotted lines make them even more difficult to read.


Navigation is wrong.

Observed behavior: most links and buttons pop up a new tab (regardless whether the link is within C2 or outside.) [Note “most”. Not all. Hard to say which one does what. I suspect that the main window behaves differently from the forum window. Different programmers? No shared templates? No codified standards?]

Expected behavior: navigation within C2 should stay in one tab (optionally with clickable breadcrumb, as it was partially implemented in the old design). Clicking on external link should open a new tab.


Recommendation: do a Google search on “web based navigation best practices”. Pick one and implement it consistently. Doesn’t really matter which one.

Meta-recommendation (see also: broken record): set up an issue-database where users (both developers and subs) can submit issues, track their progress, vote on priorities, etc.

The Grid doesn’t fit the website frame even with left menu hidden (1366 px width). Need to scale down to 70% to get LOAD and SAVE buttons show up for baseline table. Button ‘Choose columns…’ disappeared, can be shown only on standard C2 set of columns. Everything worked well previously.

On the smartphone screen - total mess.

Honestly, this result is shocking me. No thorough testing before going live is one of the biggest mistakes a web developer can do. Another one is, not having a backup to reroll to within minutes if something went wrong - and that´s clearly the case.

Very unprofessional, sorry to have to say that.


Also mobile version finally lost search tool. Previously at least screen rotation to horizontal position helped. Now finally gone.

Matt, are you reading all these complains? People pay to use your site and now you have investors. Lots of money is on the line. Please have your people work on fixing these issues or give update. Thank you


Vendor profile only shows a corner of the template when you click on a message and try to view the profile. Trade records don’t navigate accurately from most recent to oldest - after the first page, when you click Previous, it goes to Next way down the road, etc. etc.

An update on my earlier comments. It appears the problem, for me at least, is with the Chrome browser.

When viewing the C2 site on my laptop or desktop using Microsoft’s Edge browser everything seems to work and look as intended.

Problems with browser (Firefox) include not being able to scroll all the way to the bottom when in full screen. For example, when I view my subscriptions, I can only see the first one and can’t get to the next one.

Matt Klein, the Previous and Next arrows at the bottom of Trade Records function the same…they both take you BACK to past records only. You can never move forward to the most recent records after you go back to view past records of trades ( sometimes even after you refresh the page). If you go all the way to the end of the trade records (beginning of the trade stats) then you are stuck from going back to anything more recent. Only way to get back to a system’s most recent records thereafter is to “reload” the system again (e.g. retype in the system’s ID, pull from your watchlist etc). Matt, can please fix this ASAP? Thank you.

Yeah, a little frustrating.

Chrome browser, The Grid, Table “Select Columns and Their Ordering”. This table is very long and Save button is located on the very bottom of this table. This button is not accessible, lower half of the table is not accessible. With the latest changes I am not able to change columns in the table.