New System Designer User Questions


I’ve started one of our systems on C2 to try it out. The first trade I entered was a sell to open trade that had a limit of 1547 for @ESM3. ES traded at this level at 6:20 this morning, thus a sell order should have been issued. ES then traded again between 6:40 and 7:01 at or just slightly lower than 1547 again. Again, the order was not utilized.

This is a parked order. Am I misunderstanding how a parked order works?


Yes, I’m afraid you are misunderstanding what a parked order means. (Our fault for bad docs, not your fault.)

“Parking” an order means you are just kind of holding it, getting it ready to be submitted… but are refusing to actually submit it yet (you are not allowing it to start “working.”)

You just should enter your orders without parking them, unless you have a specific reason to park them.

ok, thanks.

Also to clarify:

Is it true to issue a sell to open order when you want to enter at a price lower than the current price that you must issue this as a ‘stop’ price?

Vis-a-vis if you want to enter a buy to open above the current price when it hits you issue a limit order?

sorry, i found the order help area. I should be able to figure it out.

actually one more question right now:

can you issue a profit and stop loss order on an existing position?

Once a position is open, you’ll just enter single trade signals as your stop or limit.

Example: You are LONG.

Set your stop loss by issuing a signal:

Sell To Close @ Stop X

Set your profit target by issuing a signal:

Sell To CLose @ Limit Y

Once you set stop-losses and profit targets, and those orders are working, you can change them by using the REPLACE button next to the working orders on your trade-entry screen.

OK, thank you Matthew. That’s what I have done.