New System Page

The new-style system details page now contains Recent Trade Signals for subscribers and system owners.

The new page looks great. very clean.

Suggestion: Since you have Drawdown in percentage, Can you add profit or loss in percentage?


the system description format is once more clobbered. We had to resubmit it many times with and without html tags, waiting several days each time, trying to achieve proper formatting.

Given that we are paying customers :wink: and the system description is our product brochure, should it not deserve a little bit more consideration?

We understand this is field test work, nevertheless…

We are refraining from creating a separate web site because we believe that it is easier for a possible subscriber to navigate homogenous material.

Also with a few lines of Perl you could easily detect if the changes in the description are purely cosmetic or punctuation and speed up the approval process.


Erik & Mauro

Erik - The “clobbered” system description on the new-style System Page is fixed. Let me know if you disagree.

Thank you Matthew for the fix.

Will basic html be allowed? What tags?




The performance chart still doesn’t work. If you remove the “SP 500” line, or any of the lines for example, they disappear and you cant add them back. Thanks.

Hi, Erik:

We are not currently allowing any HTML. I may re-introduce some simple tags (bold, italics, etc) in the future.

I like the new chart, looks great. Any chance you will also add the “without commission” option?

Is it possible also to show performance without commissions as in the old view?

At least this can be an option in drop-down menu on the right.

Also I could not see C2 score anywhere.

“delay displaying closed trades for x hours” doesn’t work, only shows a info as “System developer has asked us to delay this information by x hours.”

TOS badge seems lost

Trades-Own-System (TOS) badge info now appears on New-Style System Page.

Delay-Closed-Trades by X hours is now respected on new systems page.

Any chance you will also add the “without commission” option?

TOS works

"Delay-Closed-Trades by X hours" not.

Firefox 26.0 on MaxOS10.7.5

I believe the new layout is being designed with consideration of display on phones with the elimination of any of the “classic” sidebars. However loss of the “Model Account Status” and Watchlist sidebars are critical for me, so asking that the classic view will always be optional going forward. Regarding “Model Account Status” not finding that anywhere in the new layout…Will also add that the once clickable link to the “Ratio statistics” now having been included under the abbreviated stats is sensory overload, and at least should be prefaced by a novice warning.

"Delay-Closed-Trades by X hours" seems applying to the system owner instead of the others. Now with new system page, I can not see all my closed trades as a system owner. However, if I log out, I can see all closed trades instead.

Definitely. Performance should be shown with or without commission, and with or without auto-trade fees, at the user’s discretion.