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New system - trailblazer


intra-day in ES. please add to simulation to judge yourself


Looking good after 1 trade, I’ll check back after 100 trades


thats 2 years down the line my friend - so yes please, if you are still around :wink:


Do you have a track record in your personal account?


@TT3, that really does not matter as there is no way to prove what I answer. I suggest to just keep track and decide if you like what you will see


So that’s a no then. Good luck sir.


As in all cases, we will wait patiently until we see how the model works in the following months. Regards!


You still can consider using the free coupon


IMO you are not trading frequently enough for an intraday system - one trade per week isn’t going to cut it.


I’m pretty sure user TT3 will be still around in 1-2 years.
Make sure that your system will be still around then :wink:


@aum108 I will try my best for the system to be around after 1-2 years with solid performance! Having started the system in a turbulent time, that will be decided soon :wink: So far so good!

Meanwhile here is another uncorrelated system on oil futures to keep an eye on -

dont expect too may trades. i prefer quality over quantity. 50-60 trades per year will be max from each system


and here is free coupon valid for 1 month for the oil day trading system UGUX46475


Instead of using coupons, new systems should just offer it free for 2-3 months. Why bother with coupons and having to go through the process of reissuing coupons?


I am not reissuing coupons. one client made use of it and hopefully happy :wink:


I didn’t ask for a coupon…just saying that as a new strategy it would be wise to have made it free until a longer track record has been made to see how you trade.


yes i know . i get your point:)


new high on trailblazer - courtesy to the volatility


You’re informing us of a new high after barely a month’s worth of data? Three closed trades and 9 trades in all? Just curious: will you be alerting the C2 community of every new high going forward? Or perhaps you’ll wait and give us the good news monthly.

Also, the other system had a new low yesterday, yet you didn’t inform us. I think you should, in the interests of balanced reporting.

Also curious about your stated profession “fortune teller”. This is obviously a little attempt of a joke on your part. Do you think potential subscribers will be encouraged to sign up with this kind of clownishness?


Indeed. Please inform us of new max drawdowns as well, in the interests of balanced reporting. Thank you.


I don’t understand all the hostility. I am not sure now, but I think it was offered free initially and I think that is the reason I signed up for it almost from the very beginning. It has made pretty good money for me so far.