Not getting responses from customer support

Hey guys,

Has anyone else had problems getting responses from customer support? They broke my subscription plan (was setup to run 4 and asked them to reduce it to 3 as i was only going to manage 3 going forward) … after a day or so they changed something and now i’m in no plan at all! I paid annually and have 3 months left, that was the middle of last week. They don’t answer the phone or call back nor do they send any email with an update. Has anyone else had problems? It really feels like no one is there.

No response here as well, I sent them a few emails but no reply.
Also, I can’t get them over the phone…

Let me see what’s going on, guys.

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Hi James,

Sorry, we exist, fixed. Please see my email, thanks.

thank you, everything does seem back to good now.

I have sent email also last week and this week and there is no replay. ( I have the ticket numbers )

I tried to call but no answer there as well. the chat doesn’t work for me for some time…

Can you please check if you have the same issue with me?

I replied to you via help ticket, Daniel.