"One Trend at a Time" Updated

Hi Bruce Bersch here, I am the developer for the system "One Trend at a Time" I have reset my methodolgy so I can sleep at night. What this means is if you decide to trade this system, I will start incurring losses by implimenting "stops" on ALL of my signals. I of course will have more wins than losses (averaged out over time) and will be pulling pips out at regular intervals.

I also decided to stop adding to any live position. This way anyone with any account size WILL make a profit with me! That means on a mini ($10,000) lot , you can now start "auto-trading" one lot at a time with $1000 - $1500 starting balance so the market is now accessable to any size trader! My money management is simple. Just trade 1 mini per $1500 . Riskier yet trade $1000 and you should be ok but there is no guarantee obviously.

I recommend you watch it for a month first and you will see that it is steady. Please shoot me an email anytime. Happy trading! ~ Bruce