Our own system on our analyst pages?

The only way I can get to my trading system is to copy and past the entire html code like below. I would like to be able to add my own system not just others to my analyst page so I can get to it quickly and for others who view my page, can see the system. It seems silly that this is not an available feature. Also, these pages should be more feature rich and customizable think myspace. I think if you are also trying to create a trading community, it would be benefical.


Also, if we trade a dividend paying stock on our trading system, and we get a dividend, will that be shown as part of our profit on c2 or not?

Yes. Dividends are put back into your cash, which is part of your system’s equity. (For short sellers, dividends are debited from your account.)

I made a conscious decision not to allow people to put their own systems on the My Analyst page. The page isn’t really designed for marketing your own system. All comments about such systems would be suspect, and there are much better and easier ways to attract attention to your system.

But it sounds like what you want is a way to quickly go to your own system. You can do that very easily:

(1) Visit your system.

(2) You will see the system name appears in the left-side menu area called “Recent Looks.”

(3) Click the gray button next to the system name. It will turn green. The green indicates the system is now a permanent part of that list. There. Easy.

Ok, it did turn green. Thanks. One last question. On thinkorswim I have the ability to either buy a vertical or sell a vertical also iron condor and other exotic option contracts. I don’t see this as an option in C2. I would assume that I would need to enter this as 2 or more separate trades. My question is that lets assume for the sake of argument that my trade is going to be profitable, however one of the options is going to be closed out at a loss. Even though I assume my system would show a more profitable upward curve, would not I penalized since it would show one of the legs of this trade as a losing trade while in fact the strategy that I use actually makes this hopefully a profitable trade?