P/L Accounting Question

I’m subscribed to a system which recommended purchase of 100 units of an option yesterday, and this quantity is consistent within the emails received, the ITM window, and the “emailed trades” shown on C2’s page for this system. However, in the Open Positions section on the system C2 page the quantity is shown as 200 instead of 100, and the real-time P/L on the trade is actually off by a factor of two as a result. I’ve checked that no additional 100 unit order was suggested on 8/9, or a prior open order for this symbol and quantity (for 100 additional units). Just concerned if similar errors exist in other closed trade P/L tables which would skew the results. Thanks, and I really like the C2 concept and find it very useful for actually evaluating systems that work.


Please let me know the system and the symbol and I’ll take a look. MK

I sent an email yesterday (to info@collective2.com) with a little more detail, but the system is Bris and the symbol is QQQTN.

Just a follow up to this thread, an STC was issued this morning for quantity 200 when the BTO number was only 100. Makes the numbers look better in this case since the trade was a winner, but not realistic since the STC was for twice as many units as the BTO. If you can bring up the ITM window this is very obvious from the sequences. Also, no email was received for today’s STC (although it shows up on ITM).

Sorry … got the email time stamped about 20 minutes after the ITM time stamp. May be nothing to do with C2’s system and confirms that ITM is the way to go to get the trade info on time. Is it possible to set up a thread for the Bris system as you have with many of the other systems?

It’s up to the system developer to create his own forum. Any system developer can do so, at no cost. Perhaps you should contact the system developer and suggest it. - MK