Payment only if the system has earned during the month

HI, this feauture is removed? where is it?
payment only if the system has earned during the month.

Please, an answer.

Hello. Yes, the whole “pay-only-if-preceding-period-was-profitable” business model is being phased out (new systems cannot choose it, old systems that already chose it can continue to use it). So going forward we have simplified things: You can set up your system to charge on a monthly basis, with an optional free trial period at the beginning of the subscription.

Why are you removing this feature? So I can pay for a system that also loses money? I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it’s only fair to pay for a system that is making money.

It was removed to enhance site simplicity, and to reduce compliance/regulatory issues. We still allow system developers to offer free trial periods for their systems.

Mathew is correct in stating that pay for profit systems have several legal complications at the state and SEC level. Pay for Profit is considered Performance Based Compensation and PBC’s are generally restricted to only accredited investors.