Please Help Fix Bad Fills in my account

Hi Mathew,

Would you please help fix all bad fills in my account. It appeared in most systems and can be easily identified due to shift in decimal point which cause huge loss or profit which mask out P/L for each system. Due to bad fills, I do not know if I made or lost money in each system which had bad fills. Performance tab is useless for me NOW. I filed a case before and it asked me to fill out a ticket which point to bad fills. I tried and did not located ticket in each trade as reported in C2 web. Please help so I can use performance tab.

As usual, thank for your help, Mathew.

-Anh Nguyen

Hi, Anh:

Yes, it appears that your broker was reporting fills to us in unexpected price formats (3.123 instead of .3123, or whatever). This sometimes happens when a new broker gets added to C2.

I’ve added some tweaks to compensate for the wrong price-magnitudes being displayed in your P/L reports. Take a look now and see if it looks better.


Thanks Mathew. It looks much much better NOW. P/L now reports correctly.

You’re the Champ!!!

-Anh Nguyen