Please offer a partial account reset!

I had some troubles starting my strategy on C2, which are now overcome.
But I´m still annoyed, as a nasty event catches my eye, everytime I look at my chart, although a lot of time has passed.
I have no use for a total reset of my account,as offered by C2, but would like a partial reset.
Not as “Erase days X,Y and Z.!”, but "Erase all data prior to day X!"
What do you think?

dumbest idea I never heard. “Please let me erase all my bad streak and only show my best streak to attract sucker subscribers!”


I sure want to erase my 10% drawdown which happened in July.
But I guess that it would be a waste of time asking C2 to do this - And that is just fair and the way it is suppose to be!!!

Maybe you haven´t understood my text. I didn´t mean selective periods, or “bad streaks”, but all data prior to a specific date. What is almost the same, as the total system reset, C2 already offers to traders. And there can be many, good reasons, to start a system at a later point, as the beginnning of going public on C2 can be a bit rocky. I really don´t get, why you call my subscribers “suckers” and find the term offensive. To them and to me, as I trade my own system.

you said TOS, why would c2 or any subscriber want you to erase the “rocky times” Did those trade didn’t happen ? Did those trades made an error ? if so c2 can fix and correct all those. Let me guess, you want to erase the chart that is before 2/14/2017? that’s when you started TOS and also the lowest pt. of your drawdown.

Please explain why c2 should offer that feature? they already offer reset, allow you to go public or stay private. they already too many options for leaders to go private after a big drop.

Look at every other strategy with a yr or 2 track record, most of them have big drawdown or they all start slow. why should that be erased from the chart ?

My system was TOS from the start. I had to turn it on and off at the beginning, due to technical issues, but all trades displayed on C2 are entered via my life account.
As you looked at my equity chart: Yes, I want to erase the data prior to the date you mentioned. You will see, that this drawdown is atypical for my trading and was caused by a significant change in my trading style. I had no subscribers then and asked a potential subscriber, whom I was in contact with, to stay clear of my strategy, till I fixed the issue.
C2 didn´t offer a reset at that time, or at least not for my payment plan. Otherwise I would have taken it.

At the moment you decided to radically change your trading style you could have just made a new model for the new method. No need for partial reset, really.

Sounds like the guy at a party that only mentions his winning trades.

Just do the obvious. Create a new system with the same name followed by “B”. Let it trade for a year and then delete the first system. Poof instant expert with no “priors” on your record. Kind of a pardon for traders. Ever noticed most C2 system are under 3 years old and the bull market is really strong in the last 3 years? Now you know why.

I expect in 2018 - 2021 a lot of traders will find out why the SEC makes people say, “Past Performance Is No Guarantee Of Future Result”.


I guess the bull market in currencies, which are my playing field, will last forever and so I hope I am immune to your prophecy!
Jokes aside: I didn´t expect so many replies to my simple, rather technical, question, as I just asked for a backward extension of the “cancel” feature C2 offers now for 30 $.
But anyway: I will give this a rest and think my system speaks for itself and shows clearly my trading style. Am I right? :wink:
Thanks for your time and attention!

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