Please read and understand. by Alan Thomas

If I am only allowed

five trades before I have to pay the eighty and can pick up no subscribers why should I pay the eighty. Sometimes you want something so much it drives you crazzy. Truthfully I would love to have my system on the site. I cannot see given someone eighty bucks and then giveing them my picks for free. You see sometimes

you have to see threw every thing and what I see is me paying eighty bucks to give some one my picks next thing you know they take the eighty put in an account and look at what your doing for them. If we have to give a gurantee then why do they not. If you notice thou I guess thats why Im getting so much slack. I’m no sucker and no fool and the way this place is being run I have seen no worse (as far as protection for my self, it truely is a great site with great possibilitys) Never would I give someone eighty out of my pocket then give them my picks for free so they can run that eighty in a live account. If they based it on a percentage or had a guarantee therefor allowing you to trade as many and and as long as you wanted with no out of poket expenses.Then its fair for all and no one gets ripped off.You might pick up some young ones but this one has been arround the block and tried them all. My suggestion is make it fair for me make fair for your self and the rest will all come naturally. So there I said it its done and over with you should understand where I’m comeing from now. Here are the facts i’m 32 I’ve been tradeing forex for 2 years with a live account. I’'m good enough to take second place in a forex contest two years running. I have no extra cash and am always looking to improve this position. Does this site offer me that? No Look even if I had millions I still wouldnot go for it going for shit like that is what got me in the position i’m in. Do I have a good system? I guess will never know because I cannot nor would I ever go for such a thing it makes no sense, What am I to do but hope there are paying customers out there. Its obvious whats going on but like I said when you want something so bad it drives you crazzy and you get this close to it the last thing you want to do is let it go. Look at me Im still blabbing on with hopes that its real Mabe I should fire up the guts and see what I can do to this place or at least those who ripp everyone off. Alan (Hale) Thomas (Bopp)

OK, I am going to explain it for the last time, then you are on your own Alan.

This is a website that provide services. No valuable service should be free. If it is free, something is fishy about it. Actually, it was free for quite a while but understandably, it costs money for Matt to run this thing and you are too late for the party…

Now, you also have to understand that NOONE subscribes to a system with 5 trades only. It hasn’t happened yet, just ask any system owner when did they get their first subscriber. And with your attitude, you wouldn’t do it either, so why do you expect others to do so?

So, if you want to use the website, you have to pay for it. That is the rule, and that is non-negotiable. Take it or take a hike. You are not going to the McDonalds and negotiate that you would pay for the cheeseburger only if you like its taste, aren’t you?

So if you are too cheap or you don’t trust yourself that you could get at least 1-2 subscribers in 12 months that would cover your incredibly large investment of $80, then I am sorry, this place is not for you.

Hey, I have an idea! You could subscribe to my system first, it is only $30 a month, and when you make $80 out of it, you could have your own system practicaly for free!!!

By the way, you like tax things, the subscription fee is taxdeductable if you are running a trading business! :slight_smile:

This was my last post on the subject, have a nice weekend…