Posting new trades not working anymore

Hi, I’m posting via the web interface as usual but the trades are not appearing, has something in the interface changed?

2011.12.16 10:00:01 Silk-Range USDCHF,H1: Alert: USDCHF Collective2 url=****&instrument=forex&action=BTO&quant=3&symbol=USDCHF&signalid=13082&stoploss=0.9351&profittarget=0.9416

I see no problem. This trade was processed correctly and is in your system page. What makes you think there is a problem? Where are you looking?

Hi. That was the second post of the same URL. The first was sent from my EA and failed. The second I pasted into the browser and posted manually. I think I need to check the error return to the script. But was working before.