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On 9/4/05 I replied to Matthew Klein’s post “Faster Forex Trade Entry - 9/1/05” , and had to hit the back button to look for my reply. I found my reply of 9/4/05 back there in time between one post dated 9/3/05 and another post dated 8/31/05.

This is not how it works.

The last post in should always be at the top of the pile. When the last post in is a reply to an earlier post, it should also be at the top of the pile, keeping all posts in chronological date order.

My reply on 9/4/05 to Matthew’s post on 9/1/05 should display amomg posts dated 9/4/05, and the subject should read, “Faster Forex Trade Entry - reply to post of 9/1/05”.

Otherwise this style should be used:

Quote from (i deleted the posters name)

With that said, candlestick analysis should not be used alone and I prefer to use them as confirmation signals to what I already understand about the price action as a price action only trader (no indicators).


Could you make it anymore vague ?

Above is the earlier post where it says “Quote”, and below is the reply.

This was taken from Elite forums. Elite Trader runs a great website.

I’m not very happy with the forum software you are using right now (by reading this message). In case you can’t tell, I wrote it myself from scratch, and there are a lot of better programs out there. But I had an idea that I would tightly integrate it with C2 features (example: next to a message poster’s name would be a list of his trading systems or recent trades or whatever). I haven’t gotten around to adding those nifty features yet, though.

So I will be working on the forum software in the medium-term future to bring it up to modern standards. It’s on the list. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll see what I can do.


MK … how about a Discus board ( These are free (or they have a paid version with more features), Perl-based, easy to manage, and simple to navigate. Since you are obviously a black belt Perl ninja it would also be very easy to incorporate your ads, headings, etc.

If Discus is a bad idea for C2, how about adding a main section here called “Subscriber’s Corner” (or something similar) where subscribers can discuss systems and results among themselves without cluttering up this primary section, which seems to be focused on C2 site suggestions and vendor interactions?

Matthew, you replied in part: “(example: next to a message poster’s name would be a list of his trading systems or recent trades or whatever)”. That is probably not necessary, since each trading system has its own forum, and a list of trades for each trading system is already very well displayed. That part is great. The second suggestion that I made in my earlier post is the more correct way to post replies - which is to show the reply togather with what is being replied to.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll take a look. If anyone else has any suggestions for Perl-based forum/message board software, let me know. -MK

Discus have some example sites:

showing the wide range of implementations possible. I’ve set up and ran several of these over the years (both the free and Pro versions) and never had any trouble with bugs, etc. The old Perl WWWboard is still around (Matt’s script archives) but that is outdated and a pain to archive, etc. Discus is much better and once set up (easy) requires very little effort. My $0.02.

All one has to do is to enter the name into Collective2 Ratings under the Features column on the left hand side, and list of systems pops up along with the C2 rating.