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Sometimes I Feel Like I’ve Been Here Before Which Invokes An Inner Glow In My Chakra.

PRANA tends to be be an aggressive system seeking a 60-130% return that values risk management. I will try my darndest to keep drawdowns below 40% I believe 28-31% is possible. Of course these are goals & just about anything whacky or nutty can happen.
Other systems with Alarming Drawdowns are charging $249 but I’m looking to undercut them so you may sign up today for $50.
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How long are you saying you hope to maintain this, and is the return estimate annualized?

Welcome Boris.
And I welcome your trading style… with that kind of return so far, I expected you were trading high leverage futures or something, but this is with leveraged ETFs and modest leverage at that. Further, you just seem to be doing a good job picking your setups and trades. Most of your trades are just in and out without adding shares within the trade. On the trades where you do add shares, about half are adding to winning trades and the other half adding shares at a lower price on a losing trade. But (importantly), it looks like all your “buying on the way down” is very limited in amount (smaller trades than the original buy) and you get out of your losing trades pretty quickly. Nothing remotely martingale-like. Looking good, hope you can keep it up.

Yes I do believe if I follow my indicators I could achieve these results but I do tend to take counter trades within the trade which combined with long stretches of deeply intuitive spells that make for amazing results, but that’s a double edged sword as that intuitive prowess playing counter trends can’t last forever.

Looks just like this one.
Trades just like it to.

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The shaming of Non Binary Leaders will not be tolerated.

OMG, thanks Dog. You can almost overlay the two equity curves, sheesh!

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SHHH…Don’t tell anyone!