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Stellar start! Up over 70 percent in first week for Agression fund

Old trader, former market maker, now extracting maximum value from derivative expertise!
Newcomer here. Welcome all feed back on how to scale

Can you post a link to it, and what intensity if drawdowns you think someone needs to withstand to follow your strategy?

Congratulations! It always helps to start with positive returns. Good luck. I am 15% up in the last one week. Just friendly suggestions, don’t pay too much attention here on criticism. Most of the critics here are strategy managers and try to talk about what’s best for their strategy. A few of them are listed here @InteractiveAssets @DwightSchrute @NextLevelTrader

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Well if this didn’t just turn into the funniest thread I have seen in a while. @aarjay_singh posts a link to her own strategy when someone else specifically asked for the link to the OP’s strategy. What a class act!

Edit: then he changed the link to yet another one of his own strategies. Too good…

@arnaud_tournel your strategy seems to currently be set to private. So even with the link as I have put below people can’t see it. 70% in a day! You must have a great edge capable of outperforming the market for years! I would set it to public if you want people to be able to subscribe.

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@arnaud_tournel Keep it private for a couple of weeks. Keep improving and reinventing and finally when you are ready open it for the public. Good luck once again.

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Oh yeah, that’s my job as a strategy manager. I am here to promote my strategy but I also support another new strategy developer.

Expected drawdowns will be managed to be very small, i would guesstimate it in the 10 to 20 percent area for a month!


If I click to subscribe I get this

You can t expect to deliver 70% a Day on a long term basis like 1 year…you would be very soon richer than Elon Musk himself…
But you can deliver whoppping performance with arbitrage especially! Simple arbitrage are pretty rare but by exemple on special occasion due to volatility map stess you would be able to build a Put ratio 1×2 strike100 / 50 for zéro !
My favourite Unicorn…

Looks like this is still your “test” strategy which may not be available to the public.

“This is a 'test”’ strategy and is not visible to the public."

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@arnaud_tournel Ignore any negative comments from @TheForexSniper @InteractiveAssets @DwightSchrute. their primary job is to create a negative environment for new entrants. Stay focused on your strategy and Good Luck!.

It s just Ă  little time consuming to figure Cost / Benefit here especially if you can t aim for c2 star certification. (Expected performance and risk management will be outstanding but won t fit in c2star certification).
My trading system is a mix of self created Black Box (assessing flows and Behavioral finance items) and options strategy generator( from mix of volatility input mainly).

our Superman :slight_smile:


I would not stress about C2 star. If you have good strategy that will do well for a long time, you can certainly gain subscribers here without it.

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Agression is at + 90 % performance for first week,
(with conservative risk management, no position overnight and no expiry risk : selling strategies before expiry)
Only one remaining hassle, to decide next week leverage. Never seen alignment of all signals (black box, volatility inputs etc) for the option based strategy. Expected performance for next week is highest ever : should double valuation this week with same risk control.

AGRESSION (+90% performance for first week)l!) has morphed into AGRESSION Total Return to more easily market it.
Strategies inside should not suffer from volume constraints.
Got contacted on personal social media to add it on a test scale at first on his interactive broker account. First time using " social trading" tools, so a little stressed.
l already managed successfully dedicated pocket of money on IB, for a friend who sold his start up.

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