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Prevent email going out with trading signals

Dear traders,

My strategy is a slow trading one, only a couple of trades per month max. Usually, I enter the trade (a limit order) into C2 (and my broker account) the night before, including stop loss and target. This trading signal is then automatically emailed to the subscribers by C2. Can this be prevented or delayed?

The reason is obvious. Why would a subscriber follow such a strategy with a higher factor than 1 when it’s easy to use the trading signals from the C2 email and enter the order themselves for additional factors.

I have seen the email options, but they only seem to apply to receiving emails, not which ones are being sent out for the strategy I’m managing.

Thanks for any help, regards,

First of all, C2 does not allow strategies to charge different rates for customers who trade at higher (or lower) scaling factors, so I do not think the question makes logical sense even on its own terms.

But, more generally, let’s step back for a moment. I think it’s sometimes helpful to remind Strategy Managers on Collective2 of the following. People who have $100,000… $200,000… $500,000 in their brokerage accounts (which is often the profile of C2 members) are not the type of people who are going to spend time trying to rip off Strategy Managers for $70 dollars or even $200 a month, by stealing signals or end-running payments.

These are serious investors who are glad to pay a fair price for a well-managed strategy that is automatically executed in their brokerage accounts.

P.S. And no, you can’t control whether your subscribers get emails in real-time. They are paying for real-time access to your signals. That’s the point.


Ok, somehow I understood that if an investor wants to follow at a higher factor, he would be charged extra linear with that factor. My mistake. Not sure where I got this, maybe soms other similar platform, thinking it would apply to C2 as well. That would make my objection to the real time emails irrelevant indeed.

Maybe a different questions, but still related:
My strategy started at $10.000 and trades exactly one ES future with a monthly fee of $70,- making it accessible to many investors. It has been profitable and now stands at $19.800. At $20.000 I should then start trading 2 ES futures with a monthly fee of $140,- thus pricing in the higher factor. But that fee is back-calculated pushing past returns into negative possibly. The only way for a higher fee at a higher scaling factor would be to start over with a new strategy with for instance $40.000 trading 4 ES futures and a monthly fee of $280? A successful strategy with a small working capital will in the end have to stop and start over with more working capital and higher trading volume. Or is there a better way?

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Hi Raoul,

Matthew will probably be able to answer your question better than me. But as far as I know if you increase your fee to $140 then this will have no effect on past returns but only from the day that you start charging the $140 fee. So past returns will not change at all.

Hello CsabaBiro01,

No, it is not. Changes in subscription prices have an impact on past performance.
Examples, started from 10,000, the cost of subscription is 0, capital for the year increased by 1,000 to 11,000, + 10% profit per year will be reflected in statistics. At 11,000, you decide to make a subscription cost of $ 100 per month and Oh MIRACLE !!! Last year’s last result + 10% in statistics will automatically change and turn into minus 2% !!! (11 000 - 12 * 100 = 11 000 - 1 200 = 9 800).

Hello RaoulSuurmeijer,

There is a multiplier for signal providers. It only works on decreasing. For your case. Try it out. It was 10,000 (start) became 20,000, you can roll back to 10,000 (but the start in this case will be 5,000). Only I think it will be as in my example above. A vicious circle and a problem cannot be solved.

Hello, Thank you for the explanation, this is very useful to know.

What I would really wish to see is a monthly fee that is related to the amount of capital that is connected to my strategy, preferably performance based. Now I feel that a successful strategy with low capital requirements and low fee will in the end have to be canceled and restart with higher capital requirements, bigger trades and higher fee to achieve this. That’s why a fee per following-factor seems like a logical thing to have :wink:

An in between solution would be that a trader could announce that from a certain point in the future, the strategy will scale up with a certain factor (required capital, trading size, fee). This way a small successful strategy can grow into a big strategy without touching on past performance before the up scaling. It will be less accessible to smaller investors though.

But my guess is that regulations will prevent this…

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