Princeton Capital is No1

Subject: Princeton Capital is No1 on C2

Positive Forex used to be the daddy on C2 but the value of stop losses was cruelly made known to subscribers at a time it was probably the best seller! So who’s the next star and can they be trusted? Slow and Stead is a wonder to behold and deserves its testimonial 5 stars, but if your worried 3 months could be a flash in the pan, who are the wise wealth-makers quietly cruising along in the back ground? If I had to put money in one place now, I’d go for Princeton Capital. It’s not the best in every category, but when you combine the key factors, in my opinion, it comes out top. Here’s why;

1) Longevity - 5 stars. There are systems that have been around as long with nice looking charts - notably Extreme OS, Big Cat and Pinnacle but the each of these are under question for different reasons relating to the realism of the trade figures - see testimonials. Pinnacle looks amazing but C2 puts realism at 42/100 and I’m sure many are apprehensive about diving into Options.

2) Transparency - 5 stars. If your trader got ill or suddenly gave up - what would you do? Imagine you have FX positions, Options, Obscure Futures, Penny shares etc. Would you know what to do? Close this, open that, bank some, hold some?? It’s not easy. Princeton just trades FTSE futures - so you know exactly where you are what he’s doing.

3) Money management - 5 stars. Sensible leverage and stop losses - enough said

4) Trade length - 4 stars. 5hrs is not scalping but it does put a focus on trading costs. We need more subscribers to verify real outcomes but knowing myself the FTSE has one of the leanest spreads and cheapest broker fees, I’m confident costs are realistic. (Winner Slow & Steady??).

5) Smoothest equity curve. 4 stars. Smooth equity curves calm the nerves and allow the more adventurous to ramp up their leverage. Almost perfect up to 3 months ago but recently made up for a slight wobble. (Winner Big Cat - but someone with a big account needs to prove how much can really be made)

6) Value for money. 4 stars. This of course is completely subjective. If you’ve got $1M to play with, they’re all a drop in the ocean. (Winner - Slow and Steady??)

7) Trader feedback - 3 stars. The sole subscriber is happy but more traders needed really. (Winner ??)

8) Testimonials - 1 star. Only one subscriber - but he’s happy!! (Winner - slow and Steady)

Well Done Princeton. 88 weeks of consistent and realistic trading returns has made you my winner. But beware, Slow and Steady is undoubtedly the star of the Fall and could be the way to the top very soon. However, as they say, and key to this whole game…Only time will tell…!