Problems with symbols


sent an email to customer support 2 days ago but unfortunately didn’t get any response.

Because of an option assignment I got 100 additional “BRK B” stocks in my account. The symbol is actually “BRK B”. Earlier you used the symbol “BRK.B” on collective2. However now I got them assigned as “BRK/B”. So now I have 300 “BRK.B” and 100 “BRK/B” in my c2 account. Thats bad.

I now tried to sell these 100 “BRK/B” stocks. However the system rejects the order because I had no “BRKB” stocks long.

So please fix this.

Also I don’t understand why if I have e.g. 500 “BRK B” stocks and sell 200 of them why I don’t see this a sell order in the “recently closed trades” section.



Hi, Christian - Hang on. Looking into symbology issue now. More shortly. - MK

Hi, Christian:

I have consolidated all your BRK class B shares under the symbol BRK.B and now you should be able to close the position (or add to it) any way you like.