Profitable system automated "hands free"

I am looking for system(s) that are traded automatically “hands free” with Strategy Runner or Tradestation or Investor R/T or …

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Regards, Frank

I don’t think you can find “hands free” automated system, especially for stock trading sytem. For future, it could be closer.

My strategy “Daytrading WIZ” is automated in Tradestation, which sends its signals directly to collective2,com. And I trade it for my own account too.

Virtually any trading system on Collective2 can be automated with ‘hands-free’ trading. See the “Robot Hedge Fund” for more information.

Also, shortly, I will begin recommending brokers who will agree to trade on your behalf many of the systems here on the site. More on this shortly.


a subscriber asked to use a robot on my forex system but I think there are no robots for FXCM or Oanda?

The next version of the robot will support Forex. We’re looking at a release in the next week or so. I will post an announcement about it.

Also, shortly, I will begin recommending brokers who will agree to trade on your behalf many of the systems here on the site. More on this shortly.

This would seem to have many implications, and it would probably have to be a full service brokerage firm to do something like this? A registered rep that followed a profitable trading system listed at C2 could make trades for his own account, or advise clients to make trades, based on the system’s recommendations. If a system was a proven money maker over time why wouldn’t a rep do this? He could make himself and his clients look good, generate a lot of commission income for his firm…, and would have to do very little if any of the effort it takes to come up with and research trades.

It reminds me a little of the situation where a dead person donates his organs by signing off on it before he dies, and then after he dies, sometimes in an automobile accident or something…, the doctors get rich from doing all the surgeries with the organs made available from the poor fellow’s untimely demise.

Well commissions paid to trade are just a fact of life, and a full service broker would have to love the arrangement where they were given a large sum of money in a trading account and were told to make every trade dictated by a trading system. I guess it is in fact possible, since one person has already said they make trades for their own account, and the trades are at the same time posted as trades in their system at C2.

For some systems that don’t trade very often this might work alright, but the commissions charged by a full service broker would take away a good portion of the profits generated by my system, unless the dollar amounts of the positions taken were increased quite a bit.

I don’t believe in letting considerations about commissions or taxes dictate how you trade or when you trade. There are far too many other things to think about and worry about without including any worries about commissions or taxes. That’s why we have accountants. Commissions and taxes are like the tail of a dog, and the tail shouldn’t ever wag the dog. (right?) Just my opinion of course…

Being able to call some of these brokers that happen to be trading your system would be nice, so it would be possible to argue with them if necessary, or get their point of view. I look at analyst’s upgrades and downgrades all the time, but I don’t always agree with their recommendations. Self serving recommendations from brokerage firms do occur from time to time. Buy calls at tops and sell calls at bottoms are common, but I suppose they would carry out the recommendations of a system even if they didn’t agree with the trade? A rep could take the trades he agreed with, and try to talk a client out of trades that ran counter to his firm’s position or trades he didn’t agree with personally.