Qtip Draw Down

Does anyone have some insight to why the QTIP system blew up again? I thought this might be something. Eclipes FX, Hawk Fx, and now Qtips. Everything I have been moitoring or investing is blowing up. Does the vender for Qtips have any response to the, is it 2nd or 3rd time he blew up a system.

On 11/04/05 (17:09), in the thread with name “New Features on Collective2” in the General Forum, after his 1st system blew up, the developer of this system said the following about his 2nd system before that too blew up:

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My earlier system wasn’t using proper strict trades…so it was easy to do 100% in just one week. Keep compounding , etc etc.

Now…I am using a strict pattern that will keep climbing(slowly) forever.

It cant crash. Its impossible. I have backtested this system for 3 years.

I trade a real account with started value of $50k its now $108k in 5 weeks.

Dont think Its a scam. I have won 3 international stock contests and have appeared on CBS, Wall street Journal and mentioned in 2 books.

It would be nice to have some monthly income though as I have none…compeche?

Tried getting a job at a hedge fund but lack the education. Go figure.

So…My system cant crash …its impossible.

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Are you really surprised that someone saying things like that has yet another system blowing up?

His excuses are that the first time his system blew up was because he didn’t use “proper strict trades”. The 2nd time it blew up was because he used “long term options”.

Expect a new system from him soon with a new excuse as well for blowing up his 3rd system.