C2 Commission Calculation

The commission is on the high side.

For example, IB charges $0.75 per contract on options, so a 160 contracts was cost $120 in commission.

But C2 shows a $320 commission. 3 times the IB charges.

I hope Matthew can do some adjustment to reflect more accurate commission charges.

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I have to choose some number. Obviously no matter what I choose, I displease someone. For what it’s worth, I chose very aggressive discount broker prices: $0.01 (1 cent) per share of stock, $1 per option, $2.50 per future.

higher is better. vendors should realize that not everyone trades free, as system results often assume. Some tracking sites really pound systems, with perhaps $75 a trade for slippage and commissions.

Your aggressive discount seems to be outdated. :wink:


IB is the single biggest player on equities options. So this is the legitimate benchmark.

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