Question on post a new strategy


I am new here on c2. I was thinking to post some of my strategies that I am currently on a tradestation account. Being my strategies mean reversion type that trade daily charts thus with a lower frequency than the average here I would like to know if It is possible disabling the notice of when the last trade in live has been placed including the oscillation of the P&L that currently is available for all .

The reason why I am asking that is due to the fact that everyone could follow daily/weekly strategies just checking the oscillation of the trade and thus understand if a short/long position has been placed and enter the same trade after.

Example: Place my trade Today. People will notice the “today notice” and then by just checking the oscillation of the P&L notice if the strategy is long or short.

This fact is actually preventing me to place my strategy on C2.

Any comment on this regard?

From the ‘Manage/Edit Strategy’ page:

Delay Closed-Trade Reporting for Non-Subscribers
We always hide your open trades from non-subscribers. When a trade is closed, it becomes visible in your trading record. This works well for most systems, since it protects your trading system while allowing people to get a sense of your recent trades (thus increasing your subscription rate).

However, some systems may wish to delay closed-trade reporting. For example, if a system is always in the market - either long or short - then displaying a closed trade immediately will “give away” the open position, even if it is not displayed. Therefore, you can specify a time, in hours, to delay the display of recently closed trades.’

I am not sure I have been able to explain with enough clarity what I mean:

I am currently able to decipher the live tracking of low frequency strategies here on C2 without being a subscriber just a visitor. Basically by just tracking the current P&L (delayed a while ) and see the “last trade notice” that mean when a trade has been placed (that is updated in RT) I could actually trade very close the strategy that is being tracked .

I understand. You want “Last trade placed: X days ago” to be delayed for your system. That is a valid and valuable suggestion, but it is not something we can implement immediately. It may be a week or two. Hopefully this does not preclude you from placing your strategy on C2 in the interim.

Hi Mathew,

Thank you to have taken in consideration my request.
I may suggest to let users to decide if they want the “last trade placed” delayed and take in consideration to do the same for the current P&L that although is delayed of a while is still enough to give out the trade for free.

I am sure others will appreciate this further ability because I noticed that in order to prevent visitors see what their strategies are doing in RT they put the strategy offline “system not accepting new subscriber” and put back available once their strategies are again offline.

Of course this is an understandable behavior for people using strategies that place 2-3 trades per months while is meaningless for intraday type programs.

For me is fair, I will proceed asap to place my strategies online.

Thx again for fast support.