Trade Alerts On Strategies I don't Follow

Sometimes I get “TRADE COMPLETE” alerts on the dashboard for strategies I don’t subscribe to, simulate, or have in my watchlist. Do other people get the same ones?


Actually, the original design of the “Activity Feed” was that it would be filled with your strategies’ trades (that is, trades of those strategies you subscribe to); but if there was space available in the Activity Feed, it would also show you closed trades from strategies you don’t follow (“closed” for long enough to respect the IP of the strategy owner).

But this logic was broken for a long time, and I just fixed it yesterday. So the new behavior you see is a result of my fixing an old broken behavior.

I’m not 100% sure I like this new (fixed) logic, so I am open to reverting to the old way of doing things, if there more than a few people who are annoyed by it.


I wouldn’t say I am annoyed and if it isn’t showing current signals then I would imagine most trade leaders wouldn’t be bothered. I was just curious. I don’t think it is a plus or a negative for me.

Hi Matthew,
I much prefer the old way.

I have my strategy set up to not display trades until 168 hours after they are closed. Would they not appear on that alert dialogue until it has been 168 hours? I hope that is the case.