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Re: my systems “PFSignal com" + “Myfxmap com”


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Yes you are right. That’s my problem.


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It is not a “one bad word in the book”. Most of the trades with large drawdown and/or negative pnl follows the same approach - averaging down for a while and wait bounce back.


@DogZebra_Investing That was youth, who didn’t make mistakes being young. :slight_smile:
We all know (including trade leader) that he is playing half-martingale games with waiting-bounce-back approach. The only reason he is not failed yet - his risk management or just low leverage.


Can you teach us how to trade correctly? Show us an example. Become a leading supplier of signals. 1000 subscribers - you will be listened to and follow you. And now your words are dust and you are considered an evil troll. I wish you success.


Could you please keep your advises and funny names for yourself and be more productive in discussion? That would be nice of you.

Will you have any objections against my statement?


Hello, this is Michael!

If you need a discount on a subscription to my signal. Write me.

Number of subscribers = 171.

Total AUM (on Nov 8 2018) on my systems Collective 2 = 2 751 000 USD


I would like to tell you both, @MAP and @JITF, to please be considerate to each other. In my opinion, MAP provides probably one of the more reliable systems on this website and I think he is someone that thinks well before he does and is not aggressive in making money. MAP, I think there is no name-calling or denigrating response needed to support your system, JITF has every right to make questions that require simple answers.

Please act appropriately. I think JITF undercredits MAP and MAP’s overconfidence shouldn’t lead his opinion. We all make mistakes, it’s how we act towards them that makes us professional.


I just brought the facts from the trading history which disprove forum statements. Not sure how actual facts can be considered as “undercrediting”.

I believe a lot of people was thinking the same way before feb 2018 about Simplicity Trading or SP Antares systems. The problem with such type of systems is that they can easily take half of your capital due to just single bad market event.


How many businesses in the world have a history of over 100 years?

How many businesses in the world have a history of over 50 years?

Not more than 0.1%.

You should also scold all the businessmen in the world. Your logic.

Everything always comes to an end - life - death. Nothing is eternal. It must be understood.

If you do not like something, it does not mean that it will die soon, it can live for a long time.


Actual facts show he has a drawdown in only single digits and the martingale system has been in effect in about only 25% of his trades, it is also anti-martingale at times, but as I said, he is conservative and it shows in his results. Even his biggest loss of last month was only having 6% DD. I think you can say he values his system and he works to remain profitable, without increasing risks too much.

And yet PF does not show any signs of doing it. When you get a bad month like October, you see people going -30% to -60%, because they have just kept doubling down with (almost) all their money. Looking at PF, I can not even get close to it. His biggest drop even shows only a 500$ drop in a 10k projection. Yet, if subscribers want to go on board and overleverage that 500, then you are just as stupid with money as those -60% algorithms. I see no reason to believe MAP is inconsiderate and shows signs of becoming it. I can see he is only up 1% this month. I think, and with me his subscribers as I am not part of one, that he doesn’t need to recoup his loss in October a.s.a.p. I think he can do it in two months and people wouldn’t mind, as his system has already proven to give constant wealth and recouping losses fast.

I’m not saying praise MAP for giving such an awesome algorithm, no, not at all, I am not a groupie, I am not a fanboy, but I can say I admire MAPs consistency in PFSignal and I just hope for him and his subscribers that he can maintain that level throughout 2019 and further and I think everyone can credit his consistency at the least.


@MAP would be nice if you finally stop telling me what I should do. First, it is not a productive way to discuss something. Second, we are discussing your trading approach, please tell me how change of my point of view can make your trading better?

Several times you mentioned that you use stop loss orders. Since we are discussing your trading, could you please specify what is the size of your stop-loss? In dollars or in %s of equity. In other words, what limit of the losses per position do you set at the moment you open new position?

And second question - how many times maximum do you average down before closing position with the loss?


You subscribe to my signals. And you will see everything. You will all know. I can even give you a discount. Contact us.


Let me guess. Looks like no firmed stop for the whole position defined in advance, and no plan for bad event exist. More likely you define wide stop every time you add to position, and with each addition it moves together with the price and getting wider and wider. :slight_smile:


Well done! Good analysis.


I am glad that my guess about absence of stop losses for PFSignal com strategy confirmed.


Risks are monitored. For every trade stop loss is required. MANDATORY!


Just curious. Where were the stop losses for these trades?


Stop there was and will be on all trades. Do not write nonsense. Become my client and you will see all the sizes of stops.