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Re: my systems “PFSignal com" + “Myfxmap com”


It was a very simple question. I guess now we will assume stop losses are >20% of your portfolio for each trade.

I’m not writing “nonsense”. That is your trading history, nothing more.


Why in this case you can’t answer serious question about stops you use and stop play “be-my-sub-and-you-know-everything” games?

PS or the stop size is equal to account size?


Love it! Just watching this thread with a bag of popcorn.


I just don’t understand the lack of one answer.


The stop is 99.9% of the account. You always leave 0.1% in there to tip the dealer. Don’t you know that? :joy:


Imagine what you want - this is all theory, but in practice I have a hard stop loss for each trade and controlled risks. I already proved it. And my subscribers love and respect them, their more than 160 people. And you just trolls. But still thank you for my PR.



Personally @MAP, I disapprove of the “troll” statement. There is a simple question on the merits of those “hard stop loss” you repeat. How large in percentage or points, on average, are they?

I have not said anything about disapproving your algorithm, I am just understating the simple question that was asked. You can repeat by saying: subscribe and all will be known, then you might want to reconsider that statement if people stop subscribing. People want to know up front in what they get themselves into and a simple question can remove all doubts these potential subscribers have.

We don’t disapprove, we don’t question the profitability, we only ask a simple, universally applied, question.


I have already answered this question many times. Not satisfied will always be. If you do not like my answer is your right. If you don’t, it’s bad; you trade; it’s bad; 50% profit per month isn’t bad. It will always be bad. And the answers to simple questions are also not correct and bad. I’m not an extrasensory. The question is closed. Answer the answers above if you don’t like them then it’s your problem.


Please state the answer if it can be found that easily. This is giving a political answer, avoiding direct confrontation.

You are currently purely avoiding confrontation by waving off the question as being overly simple and unnecessary.

Then again, it doesn’t hurt me if you don’t answer it, it might only hurt yourself and I am totally fine if you don’t satisfy new clients. I am just giving you the tools and advice to further your algorithm on this channel and that’s it, nothing more, nothing less. I am not the evil guy lurking and deadslapping algorithms, I’m the guy trying to up them to a better level.


I see about 37 followers on PFSignal and about 13 followers on Myfxmap com.
Where are the other 120 subscribers ?


Would you be so nice and point me where it was answered?
I went thru the forum posts and found only the general slogans about stops, but no numbers were shown.

From your trading history it appears that your max stop can be more than ~20-21% of equity value or more than 1000$. Is it correct number?


“You not worry my friend. Subscriber and you see all signals. No post so bad name!”

(probably the response you’ll get)


@aum108, he sells this algorithm also in private I believe and he has gained over 40 subscribers in the last two months. That’s how I just imagine his number to stand. Your other question you’ll get answered as DZ predicts.

@JITF, yeah, DZ answered that perfectly XD. I can’t find the answer as well.


I guess. I think. I think so. And where is the proof of your words? They are not. Alone assumptions. To make the right analysis - become my client for at least 1 year. Then you can make a competent analysis of my trade, and not assume and think. I can give you a discount on a subscription.

Have a nice day.



I always do my conclusions based on the facts. This is your trade from march 2018 with 20.75% or 987$ drawdown. Since this trade was not stopped but continued, one can make a conclusion that there were no stop hit, so your stop is wider than these numbers.

Nope, I just need to get the history of your signals (not trades, but signals) from the C2 and take a look. I will do it for sure, return back to this question in several days. Give you a chance to post your version first. :slight_smile:

PS Please don’t beg me so hard to be your subscriber. I can’t trust my money to trader who can’t reveal his max loss per trade.


Read the post in this thread at number 76. I already wrote about this even earlier.


You trade different now - since what date and what are the changes?


I will repeat what I said several times before - at that time I did not have clients here and I could take any risk, and I didn’t think that clients could be attracted to me so effectively. If then I had clients, I would not allow such a drawdown of 22% for a short period of time and would not take such risks on clients. I think you understand me.


What risks are you willing to take with the clients onboard?


The risk is not more than 30% per year.