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Re: my systems “PFSignal com" + “Myfxmap com”


You confused me with someone. I do not trade.


If the transaction is not correct, I always close it.

In the first place in my system - compliance with risks. And profits come as a consequence of risk compliance.



Sure, you always close it. It is a matter of how you close it - after several attempts of averaging down and after several days of waiting of price bounce back. Here is a good example:


Still safer than what Bijagual is currently doing hahahaha


What is bijagual doing now? Prob same as before, he is investing the same as his first bijagual that went bust. This time he had a much better start and the forex world haven’t any major crazy moves.


Your logic is great. Take a book - choose one bad word - and write a review that the book is bad. Here is your logic. -)))


Thanks to my PR managers. Black PR is good PR. Continue your work. Leave a comment. -)


I get a feeling he is doubling down on the bad investments. Can turn into profits, but I highly doubt it. How did his first algorithm bust?


Hello, this is Michael!

If you need a discount on a subscription to my signal. Write me.


@JITF I think you should have referenced these trades below instead. They were very early in the system and where the max DD comes from. He got lucky. My guess is he learned quickly that you can’t roll into contracts and double down like this and survive.
He has since changed how he trades and gone in very conservatively at the start. That has worked so far. My guess is he will continue to be conservative until he starts losing alot of subscribers, and then will get levered like this and blow up.
I wouldn’t touch it because this is there, and because he is not TOS with a system like this:


Well done. Thanks for the analysis. Are you Nostrodamus? -)


The trading system is aggressive. Where did you see that I was trading conservatively? Is + 100% per year in a sideways market conservative? Write me how to trade if you know everything and know how to distinguish between bad and good. Curriculum guide me. -)


This guy is just a jealous troll, probably broke and suffers from ocd.
Other trolls have been busted out as broke with ocd. Don’t expect anything different. Enjoy his folly.


Who are we talking about?


Well, you had 100k EURUSD and 70k USDJPY with less than $6k in capital. At one point effectively long 130k USD. Doubt there were stops just based on how you continued to add to losing trades. Doesn’t take much to take that DD to 50% at that point.

Since then, you haven’t gone over these contract amounts from what I can tell, not at the same time, even with higher capital. You aren’t scaling up your system to go along with your higher capital. So I would expect your future returns/drawdowns would be much lower than your first couple months. That’s what I mean by more conservative. Hopefully that “curriculum guide you”.

@DOG_ZWOW, speaking of trolls, can you get @LRCManagement to chime in? He usually comes out from under his bridge when I post. Thanks Tom, er Brad, er Carl.


He’s talking about me. He can’t stand that I realized he is the same guy who has come back under 3 (if not more) different names.


I did not have any clients then. And I did not know whether I would trade here at all. I thought here the efficiency is small. It turned out the opposite. The number of my clients here is more than 170 people. Moving on. Thank you all for your activity.


All in all, as @DogZebra_Investing explains, conservative isn’t meant as an insult. The problem with conservative people is that their profits do not skyrocket. It explains your “mediocre” results every month according to people. But some subscribers on C2 don’t understand that conservative systems end up being more protective of their investments and don’t blow up like DZ suggests happens (and it happens, I know, I’ve been checking a lot of them). As for you, I’ve entered all results from January 2018-October 2018 into a graph and it shows.

Algorithm Creator Investment Strategy Subscription Fee January February March April May June July August September October November December Total
Bijagual Trejos Currencies $595,00 -16,7% 101,8% 35,3% 3,6% 58,8% 34,7% -5,8% -12,1% 45,9% 20,9% 636,14%
Just Forex Trades JFT Currencies $225,00 -3,7% 13,7% -6,2% 15,6% 19,9% 20,0% 9,6% -2,7% 1,3% 14,2% 110,74%
Platinum 4X Enzo Currencies $100,00 10,9% -7,5% 12,4% 7,4% -0,1% 12,0% -9,4% 12,2% 40,85%
EGI Tidal Wave YouTube VinnyEmini Currencies $39,00 10,8% -0,7% -7,9% 5,2% 7,7% 0,1% 8,0% 2,5% -16,7% 3,4% 9,58%
COREX CORRIDORINVEST_COM Currencies $300,00 5,9% -4,2% 9,5% 0,6% -0,7% 2,4% 5,1% -4,9% 5,1% 3,1% 23,07%
FX Hedge Fund GoldmanStrategy Currencies $29,00 3,7% 22,1% 4,0% 3,3% -5,6% 18,6% 1,1% 53,97%
Diamond 4x Enzo Currencies $300,00 12,9% 18,3% 18,0% -4,8% 12,5% 10,6% 1,2% 10,6% 0,3% -0,2% 109,16%
PFSignal com MAP Currencies $49,00 4,9% 15,0% 23,7% -2,3% 16,9% 5,7% 3,7% 13,1% -6,6% 97,34%
Longevity SustainablePace Currencies $15,00 2,4% 0,3% 3,7% -0,2% -0,8% -2,9% 2,2% 8,0% 3,5% -8,5% 7,02%
AI Algorthims 13 KevinSingh Currencies $39,00 9,4% 9,5% -27,5% -3,8% 23,7% 12,5% 24,4% 2,9% 12,7% -34,9% 9,20%

These are the systems I placed under investigation when I started in September, collecting data about your subscriber rate, your actions and reactions. It is part of my thesis.

Now check out the performances of you throughout the first 3 months. These were your most risky. You haven’t had a double digit drawdown since April 30th. But then again, check how your percentage profit are:

February: 5th
March: 3rd
April: 1st
May: last (learned a lesson here)
June: 3rd
July: 4th
August: 4th
September: 3rd
October: 8th

You are never the top, you are neither following the bottom line. What matters is on average, you present people with an 8.2% profit per month, which is not bad, but you are a drawdown minimizer and that makes you conservative.

About your subscribers, they hit a halt in October when your system went down. But when people saw the change in November, they started increasing again. I call that trust.

So whatever DZ may say, conservative is not an insult, it is a characteristic of you as a person and a trader. Yet, you still show profit, you still show a positive trend in subscribers and your total amount of subscribers surpass a lot of systems. Therefore, take this as an explanation to DZ and not as a way to tell you what you do wrong or right. It’s just an addition to DZ’s comprehensive comment.



Good explaination @BoyRijniers…I think @MAP has a language translation problem thats why there is sometimes a miscommunication.


@OSUTAI, Bijagual is down over 200k from his highest equity currently…lol…That system overleverages by more than 10 times the usual forex system (trading hundreds of lots). A drawdown of 200k is rather normal for a system that uses that much leverage.