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Re: my systems “PFSignal com" + “Myfxmap com”


I must agree you seem to have changed your way of trading after three months, after you were hit on the nose with a negative month with a high DD, just wondering if you uphold a more strict stop/loss and DD?


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. -)

Many times wrote about it. I think you heard and understood me.


So basically the simple answer was - “There were no stops”. That’s all you had to say man.

And you are also effectively saying we should throw out any performance before April 20th (your first subscriber), since before then you weren’t trading as you do now. Got it.

That means your stats to date (since April 20th) are the following:
Return: +39%
DD: -11%

Still not bad stats. Not sure why such a run-around on a simple question.


I answered these simple questions 20 times. This is all in the thread. Read if you’re interested. It does not take much time. You accuse me of not writing this, so I don’t answer, but I’m writing - read the entire thread, everything is there. A person must make a decision to spend time intelligently, to study information, and not immediately at will - this is not correct and leads to large losses. I think you understand me. I am writing through Google translator. Sorry for my bad english.


The best is your comment on this forum. Print it in memory. -)

Well done. Keep it up.


I asked where the stop was on those trades. You NEVER gave an answer - just said you traded “riskier” back then.

An actual answer would have been - “stops were at EURUSD 1.2450” or “25% of capital” for that trade.

Since you can’t even answer a simple question I would never recommend anyone invest with you. Good luck.


Not sure why the developer is that stubborn.
Maybe he doesn’t understand the question, or maybe he is fooling around with you guys, or just beeing a jerk.

He used to be very chatty a few month ago, sending me private messages all the time to promote his systems.
I told him that I was monitoring his strategy already, so no need for advertising anymore,
but he continued to PM me, ignoring my request. So I had to block his private messages! :zipper_mouth_face:

The answer is:
Yes, he is using stops right now.
Shorting 6x USDCAD, SL at 1.3300 & 1.3290


I’m active now. -)

This was not the case. I wrote to you about my signals, you wrote to me that you no longer need to write, I apologized, I promised that I would not write more to you, but then by mistake I sent one letter to you again, you added me to the blacklist, I added you after that too black list. If you want to communicate with me through private messages, delete me from there and make a request for me to remove you from the black list.


I’ve become a foot, I’ll bet and I’ll always bet. For my clients, the risk is always controlled. Only the most stubborn cannot understand this. Apparently you need to write in Chinese that they understand.

Have a good weekend.


Retaliatory blacklisting - that will teach 'em!


Lost in translation. Probably means “All your base are belong to us”.


I am just curious: any of you guys are past or present subscribers? (Full disclosure: I am not.)

Or are you just having fun? No problem with that. I just noticed that on another thread a trade leader was whining after like 10 minutes running a strategy that he wanted to leave because some people sticked their tongue out at him or something. Then the exact same guys who are giving now crap to an apparently successful trade leader, instead of telling him to whine at home and get the f off this forum and platform, begged him to stay because obviously we do need much more prima donnas here.

Or maybe you are protecting my interests? Much appreciated [I just don’t see how.]

Just curious.



First of all, no history as subscriber here. The main thing we are trying to make clear is how he sets his stop/loss, which protects subscribers from big losses. There is also a bit of pointing at his trade strategy (martingale, average down etc.) The biggest problem for most of us was the unwillingness of MAP to simply answer the question and that’s it. We’re not bullying, that’s not the idea


@jozsika please don’t hijack the thread with offtopic questions. It is a discussion about trading systems listed in the thread subj, not about persons involved into this discussion.


Exam for you - what are my risks, are there stops in my trade? I think you should answer these simple questions if you haven’t missed. It has been written 20 times. Give me an answer. -)


Good lord man that’s ALL we we’re asking…

Where specifically were the stops on the 3/21 EUR/USD and USD/JPY Trades?

You continue to avoid the question… and claim you have answered it “20 times”.

You can continue to avoid the question, I don’t care, but as long as you keep coming on here and spamming the forums constantly about your systems, we’ll keep coming back to this.

Of course if you had never advertised your systems on the forums you would still have plenty of subscribers and not have to deal with any of this, but that’s a separate issue… :exploding_head:


The scammer dog zebra and the rest of the trolls , spamming every thread in this forum, bad mouthing every developer and every strategy here. Working on their own hidden agenda day and night.


@LRCManagement Thank you to be our fan!!! So nice that somebody outhere in the internet follow us. I know you want to help @MAP, but please be closer to thread subject, Matthew can close the thread due to your irrelevant phrases. @MAP will be disappointed.


LRC, please don’t go there. Just don’t act full redneck and continue hunting people for asking relevant questions on this forum. We are not trolls, nor bullying systems, we are helping people make well-understood decisions. @MAP, if your words are true, then you would be able to back these answers up with a quote and that hasn’t happened 21 times already…


And thats what i am doing helping others in this forum by exposing trolls and scammers with hidden agendas.