Reducing slippage for LUCIDMNQ

For some reason C2 messages don’t work for me @MatthewKlein. People are not able to receive my messages.
So I’d like some common subscribers to LUCIDMNQ to reach to the developer and enquire about switching from “broker transmit” to “platform transmit” in order to reflect stop & limit orders directly into subscribers’ brokerage accounts (like in Ares case) and reduce slippage. Thnaks!

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It looks like LucidTrades has turned off Private Messaging.

How can we reach the strategy developer @MatthewKlein ?

By the way, HUGE slippage yesterday in LucidMNQ…

You mean during the FOMC report?

In general, strategies that trade on momentum (all breakout systems by definition) will be more or less affected by this problem, while Trade Leaders who trade on pullbacks will get better entry prices and won’t experience this slippage/delay issue that much.

In fact, for pullback traders, this delay will play in their favor.

Well it doesn’t really matter. Getting delays of 4-5 minutes in the fill is something that just should not happen…

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No doubt.

On the orher hand, C2 cannot simply bypass CME regulations, no matter how ridiculous they appear to be.