Problem with System vanishing from Leaderboards and Grid

SystematicBlue SP500 has vanished from the Leaderboards and The Grid. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Contacting C2 support I’ve been told that systems that haven’t traded for 90 days are considered inactive and are removed from listings. As my system went long in September last year and has made no trades since, as it follows the market as it trends higher, the support staff suggested I make a trade to get it listed again. That seems an absurd solution, especially as low churn is one of the selling points of the system. Costing my subscribers an in/out commission charge because of some C2 database oddity is a not something I want to do.

Can someone with access wave a magic database wand and get my system listed again? Longer term can we get a way for the trade leader to tell C2 that a system is still active even if it hasn’t made a trade in a few months? Or perhaps systems that have paying subscribers should be exempt from that “inactivity” logic? Obviously such a system is not inactive.


Hi, David -

I’ll try to wave my magic wand, but just so you know, you don’t actually need to fill an order. Just placing a limit order far from the market, and then canceling it, should do the trick, and will let C2 know you are still around and supporting the strategy.


Thanks for the help, and the tip for the future!

[Edit: Yea, it’s listed again!]

@MatthewKlein - so, placing an order and canceling it works like this even on a TOS system? C2 sees the limit order placed at IB, and that does the trick?