Reports for strategies

Why reports are not reflecting current state of the positions? Yes, there is a delay chosen by developer. Example Simple Vix delay only 48 hours (this time is over -positions were initiated last week, but in there huge losing position now and nothing displayed in the spread sheet below.

Not sure I understand the exact question. Specifically what are you expecting to see and where, exactly?

If I understand the question:

You have to wait 48 hours after the trade is closed before it becomes publicly visible.

Regarding the Graph is it also delayed or close to real time?
I would think it is the latter, but would like to confirm.

In this case, even if you dont have access to the latest trade data, you can still verify the strategy behaviour by looking on the graph.

Matt, XIV trade as an example should be there open price and current price? I’m not subscriber anymore but others who wants subscribe should see current state of the trade… Is that not clear what I’m asking for?
I was thinking that you are all about transparency.


The specific trade itself (i.e. Go Long XYZ) does not appear in the trade list that non-subscribers see, until after it is closed.


The monthly returns table at the the top of the page, the statistics, and the equity chart are all marked-to-market in real time, and do indeed display the performance of all trades, good and bad, open and closed.


Thanks - always to lean something…turning the rocks…

Matt, I think Paul might be referring to the fact the “Open Position” stats that used to appear under the “Statistics” tab are no longer there, “OPEN P/L”, for example. Yes, the table at the top of the page and equity charts (which can be delayed and not updated right away depending on the time of the day) might allow you to “see” the “open” position (for non subscribers) but that requires that you are comparing those figures to the previous day or most recently/previously closed position (relative to today or the last closed position). The “OPEN POSITION” section under the Statistics tab was quicker and easier to understand, more transparent and required no “calculation” from an “outsider” to see a system’s current open position.

Again, the question is was the “OPEN POSITION” section of the statistics tab intentionally and permanently removed by C2 or is this a temporary/missing glitch of some kind that you may not be aware? Thanks.

It was removed (temporarily) because it required a lot of customer service help, explanation, etc.

Ok, that answers the question. So, I would guess and assume it will be back later at sometime in the future then?

Yes, it will return in the future.