New C2 Profile Format

Hello C2 Members -

We recently upgraded the C2 Profile format, to allow more customization, and to make it easier for C2 Members to link to their own profiles from outside services such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, and Google+.

You can see your new profile by pulling down the account-menu in the upper right of the C2 Dashboard. Like this:

As always, I welcome your warm, generous, feedback. Mean-spirited churlish criticism, not so much.

But I suppose I need to accept both. So let it fly.


I just clicked on Your C2 Profile, but nothing happened.


Hi, ETF:

Okay. I made a slight change that makes the link more “clickable” now. Please try again.

I also encourage other people to look at their own C2 profiles, and to make any changes they consider appropriate.

And why not link your C2 Profile to your LinkedIn page as well, with the handy-dandy LinkedIn icon in the lower left of your profile? Like this:


I’ve changed nickname and name in the profile. But still can see old credentials at the Forum and at the right upper corner on the Site.

Regarding the Links, will it be possible to easily Unlink if we don’t prefer the results?
Thanks, Rob

Rob -

When you click on one of the “social icons” in your C2 Profile (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), we simply allow you post a web-address link of your C2 Profile into your timeline (or the equivalent). It’s a one-time-only post; you’re basically saying to anyone who is looking at your social page: “Here is my C2 Profile. Come click this link” - and it takes the click-er to your C2 page.

This means that you have full control over the visibility of your C2 Profile. You can remove it from your timeline at any time.


Hi, Andrey:

Thanks for the report. I fixed the C2 Profile edit function such that, if you change your first name or last name from within your profile, the change becomes visible to you (and all other C2 Members) instantly.

Regarding changes to your “nickname” - Your nickname change is instant on the main C2 site, but the forums are handled differently. So we are now working on ensuring that a nickname change on the C2 side of things also simultaneously changes your nickname in the forums. This is not yet implemented, however.

Would love an icon to close our profile page after we finish from it …

Thank you Matthew. It works now.