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Rescale Alpha and Omega


Hi guys.
I rescale my strategy for Alpha and Omega.

This is due to the fact that the account of my strategy since March 16, 2017 rose sharply from the initial $ 50,000 to $ 266,032.
This is inconvenient for my subscribers and auto traders.
The percentage for reschale - 19%. That is, I reduced my account by 81%.
And now I start again with $ 50,546.
Now auto traders can install AutoTrade Scaling - 100%. This is the best option if your account is $ 50,000 or more.

If your account is less than 45-50 thousand dollars, I recommend installing AutoTrade Scaling - 50%.
When trading, I will try to open positions multiple of two contracts: 2-4-6 and so on.

For whom does this strategy not fit?
If you are an adherent of a conservative approach, do not like to risk money, if a drawdown of 10-15-20% for you is not acceptable. And if you are happy with an annual income of 5-10 %%.

Who will this strategy suit?
If you have an ambitious goal - to earn more than 100% per annum and you are ready to risk your money. If the drawdown of the account in 20-25% does not make you sweat and often beat the heart. With aggressive trading, which I am making a drawdown of 20-25-30% is possible. I want to immediately warn about this.

In my trading, I use my account in full, for all available margin.
In regular time (American trading session) this is $ 1,407 for one e-mini S&P 500 contract. The rest time is $ 5,900.

Subscribe to my strategy. Look, watch.
Include auto trading and let’s make a profit together.

God bless us. Or Let the strongest win. © Darwin. :slight_smile:

ps Futures trading is associated with risk. Can lead to the loss of significant capital. Revenue shown in the past does not guarantee profitability in the future.

pps After the rescale, the profitability is incorrectly displayed.
Here is the correct one:


I love your gradual description of possible drawdown :slight_smile: first it is 10-15-20, then 20-25, and then you mention 20-25-30 :slight_smile:

Just a question please - is it at all likely the DD will be 30-35-40 or maybe 40-45-50 or more? :slight_smile:


no. I do not think that the drawdown will be more than 30%.


Then why does it show 61.9 % drawdown with 96.8 % win trades?


Apparently the system is currently still recalculating the indicators.
I did rescale few minutes ago.

In the topic, I posted a screenshot befor rescale. This is the correct screenshot.


Since you will use full margin and you start from 2 contracts, what is the max number of contracts you will use in the US time (9:30 am est-4 pm est) and non US time. Thx


In the American session, theoretically, I can use: 50546.08 / 1407 = 34 contracts. Most likely this will not happen, but I do not rule out such an opportunity.

Not in the American session: 50546.08 / 5900 = 8 contracts.


Most likely this will not happen, but I do not rule out such an opportunity.

So subscribers should not rule out the opportunity to receive a margin call?


You are absolutely right.
But I will try to minimize this variant of events.


Drawdown of 61.9% is a mistake.
Hopefully it will be fixed.
An incomprehensible spike during the weekend. See the screenshot.


I will auto trade it and give it a try. Good luck everyone.


MAX DD will be near 100% .


In my trading, I use my account in full, for all available margin.
In regular time (American trading session) this is $ 1,407 for one e-mini S&P 500 contract. The rest time is $ 5,900.

This is at your broker. Most traders here, that I see, have accounts at Interactive Brokers where the intraday margin, (American trading session), is $3692 per contract for one e-mini S&P 500 contract, and overnight is $7385. My suggestion is to scale your trading to accommodate these traders who will need 2.62 times the suggested account value during the day and 1.25 times the account value at night.


It should also be taken into account: the system description still says that 10000 USD is the required amount… (for such an amount it might be interesting, but everything else is way to risky, especially with a trader who just calculates the number of futures by dividing the total value by the margin per contract…


From my experience, 15 000 is enough for daytrading one ES contract. All above is going into risky area.


absolutely correct, this model is good for a big acct ( I am just talking based on the number of contract size). If your total portfolio acct only have $15k - $20K n use 50% scale. I would suggest, give your fund to charity. Margin Call…

Trading -> Margin -> Fututres -> locate " ES" on "Globex"
Intraday Initial : $ 3,677.62
Intraday Maintenance : $ 2,942.10
Overnight Initial : $ 7,355.25
Overnight Maintenance : $ 5,884.20


this is a martingale, no?



Obviously, you do not follow my trade.

Your words “If you go to a casino and bet 1,3,5,10,20,40,80,160” are false for my strategy.

I do not use martingale in my trade. Unfortunately, here at the forum a few “old-timers” irresponsibly rush the word martingale in relation to my strategy, and people who do not understand - believe in the word.

Gentlemen, look at the definition of martingale on the wiki and show me where I use Martingale on the basis of the definition.