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Rescale Alpha and Omega


No, this is not martingale.


“When reaching its intraday maximum leverage, there is nothing the strategy can do( or willing to do) to prevent it from going broke, if market goes further down. Because it doesn’t cut loss. So at that point it could do nothing except waiting market to come back. What the developer and its subscribers think market SHOULD come back ? Give me a reason why market should come back at that point. Whether market comes back, only depends on luck. You put your money on luck, you better go to casino.”

Now tell me a reason why you think market sure to come back after your strategy reaches it intraday maximum leverage?
Unless you give out a reason , you put your subscribers’ money in casino.


I have not written this anywhere.
These are your words. And you ask me to refute your thoughts.

I ask you to release me from the struggle with your delusions.


You don’t even understand your own strategy.


Thank you.
You opened my eyes.
I suggest not to continue to flood you in this post. Create your post and criticize me there. And thanks again.


I have an IRA account at IB. IRA accounts require x3 margin. What is Autoscale setting for an initial $50K account. What happens if it is a $100K account.



$ 50,000 will not be enough in this case.
If the account is $ 100,000, then use the 50% follow-up scale.


Todays dd.
Expected or surprise?


I have the same question. I am interested in learning how the trading decisions are made.


I would say expected. Sadly.

Main problem with martingale or over leveraging is that one time you will miss direction.
And instrument you trade will break all support or resistance levels and just keep going against you.
No one has that deep pockets that he can just add and add.

If one goes by rule that you need 20 000 per ES contract, you are almost safe from that huge DD.
Given that you follow rules of your system.


Only problem with these type of strategies are as follows…

Avg win
Avg loss

You need to win close to 90% of the time to break even. Only way to maintain an extremely high win rate is trading without stops.


“Hello, sorry to bother you but I thought you should know… that vehicle that crashed and paralyzed you? Yeah, it wasn’t a car, it was a truck. So that guy who was warning you to stay out of that “dangerous car” was wrong… because it was a truck not a car. So anyway… just saying… how that guy was wrong… Nice wheelchair by the way.”


30% loss in single day (first directional day against strategy positions)…not bad at all. Is strategy investing or gambling?


Probably all subscribers ask themselves the same question…what will happen if this kind of day occurs tomorrow or next week?


is there any reasons to stay in this model? just curious from the subscribers point of view.


Was there any reason to enter this model in the first place is perhaps a more interesting question. :wink:

I suppose the honest answer would be “greed was eating brain”.


Looks like he’s short and hoping it goes down.


Do Alpha and Omega‘ followers win or lose so far?


Good question. There were 9 autotraders before the DD and over 20 when it started. So it looks like most lost money. The number already started to drop with some brave souls still clinging to this ship.


The system equity hits new lowest low with 61.5% max dd.