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Rescale Alpha and Omega


“Who will this strategy suit?
If you have an ambitious goal - to earn more than 100% per annum and you are ready to risk your money. If the drawdown of the account in 20-25% does not make you sweat and often beat the heart. With aggressive trading, which I am making a drawdown of 20-25-30% is possible. I want to immediately warn about this”

I finally understand what he ment with 20-25-30%. So, we can expect to see 20+25+30 drawdown. Serg, please respond, what happened. Is your goal to have 75 % DD?


His name is Rustam. He is the representative of the broker of the Open E Cry Company in Russia
And here on c2 he ludomonit, this is not his first system on c2.

His profile

Wait for the next system from this gentleman. Martingale ))) sorry. for my English




I think his “mentor” is the developer of the Zip4x, so there is still 25% more DD to go down further.


Hi all, I think we have a good news from this model, he hit his new target now. Max DD 100% and Cuml Return - 162.1%.


I think I said it in the past, every directional day will kill this strategy part by part.


That’s Martingale system, every direction will kill the model. Make small money and when you lost because you counter trend, you lost big amount and in this case, market does not give forgiveness for your mistake (martingale system), blow up the entire acct.


Lol…I guess we did. Just simply unbelievable.


and 95.40% trades are profitable…Some people can make that 4.6% can decide about their faith.


Can anyone summarize what a big lesson from this model for future reference please. I am sure , next time there will be a new model n using similar strategy.


It start from martingale. It ends on martingale. Every time you see any type of martingale ‘incorporation’ - RUN. You always have better choice around.


There are two major characteristics on this kind of models:

  1. Trade against trend. If you see it long when market is down, and short when market is up, you can determine it is trading against trend.Because martingale bet on market coming back, so it will always trade against trend.If it trade following trend, it will never need martingale.

2.Adding to losing positions.This allow the strategy to make back what it lose in previous entries when market swing back.
But it will incur unlimited risk if market doesn’t come back and goes all the ways down the trend.

There is another problem with Alpha and Omega, it used high leverage, so it is much more risky than traditional martingale.


famous last words…