Rizz it up take a look

Welcome to RIZZ.
RIZZ was developed in a lab in my basement, all joking aside, follow me if you’d like.

RIZZ is a system I’ve been developing for years and have lectured & trained my protégés who are now my colleagues on how to RIZZ.

Rizz at its onset will be affordable at just $50 so compare us with those Pricey Systems with those Ultra High Drawdowns and work us into your rotation if you choose.

Some projected returns for Rizz are 77% with a 14% Drawdown, could be scaled 2X for 154%. Just my opinion based on prior results.
One should always take caution & diversify.

Welcome to all my new subs!!

RIZZ is doing well & it’s inexpensive at $50 compared to those ULTRA HIGH DRAWDOWN SYSTEMS being peddled for $149 or more.
Add us to your rotation.

Nice ‘groovy’ system :wink:

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Now that was a pretty interesting week.

Market was a little volatile but we hung in there & made out like you know…bandits.

Hey “Rick”, do you know Tom Mearis, or Brad Sellers?

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(post deleted by author)

What a wonderful time it’s been to be in this market.

Kinda neat having a majority winning months & a lowish Drawdown of 14%, unlike those cruddy systems with 40-60% Drawdowns that many have to endure.

Did I mention RIZZ is only $50, compare that to those other high priced systems that charge 150-300!!

For a limited time If you join now, I will never raise your price from $50…Scouts Honor.

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I’d find it difficult to trust my money to a strategy that allowed a single trade (SOXL on 3/18/24) to take total AUM 10% into the red. Yes, as it happened, the trade in question was closed three days later for what turned out to be a nice win, but that’s irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. Makes me wonder how much deeper in the hole the developer would have allowed it to go, or if the hole was potentially bottomless. Too much “hold and hope” and too little risk management for me. JMO/YMMV.

Just relax little Boo.

Hi Rick. How long have you been a profitable trader? Can you tell me a little about your background?

what happened to the groovy system, “Rick”?

“Little Boo” stands by his remark.


'Your biggest draw down is always ahead of you". Gonna have to fade this one, sorry.